Modern Fitness

Every once in awhile, we may feel the need to renovate or redecorate our homes. It’s only natural to desire change and variety, so we do what we can with what we have. However, don’t get so carried away with redecorating your home that you miss other areas of your life that could do with some change. And, I think you know one area in particular that I’m referring to: fitness.

General fitness is important, and, if this were a hundred years ago, fitness might take of itself. Today, however, the modern man spends a lot of time sitting. Whether it be at work, at home, or even enjoying a night out on the town, man’s default position these days is planted in a seated position. It’s a great idea to eliminate as much of this sitting as physically possible in our modern lifestyle. Trying a standing desk, for instance, would drastically improve your health. Or, you could just start using stools. Even just removing the back of a chair would force your body to more work to maintain balance, strengthening your core muscles.

Another important element of fitness missing from many modern lives is walking. Walking and running are not as useful as they used to be, so many people get from place to place via motorized vehicles. And, for good reason: we can go farther, faster than we can on foot. That leaves a gap in our fitness regimen, however, and it’s one we have to fill with exercise. Going for walk a few times a week or jogging can improve your health immensely, and it’s good for your brain, too. Science shows that the change of scenery from taking a walk boosts creativity and alleviate depression. So, get out there, buy some running shoes from Finish Line and get fit today.

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