Preventing Crime with Video and Security

When it comes to home security in Vermont, you cannot go wrong with ADT. That’s who I have been using for the past five years now without a single incident that has not been recorded by the security system. It’s pretty amazing just how much the company has evolved in such a short time, too, as they are able to actively monitor even for the subtle vibrations that come with something being dropped in the home or a window being broken. I’ve had each and every window in my house lined with this sensor to ensure that nobody will ever be able to catch me unawares.

Whe I was younger I actually experienced a break in that has admittedly left me very paranoid about potential burglary. I know that it’s somewhat unreasonable to think that it would happen again but knowing that it has already happened once has only enhanced the feeling that it could and might occur so I much rather be prepared for it than not. Allowing it to happen again when I know it can happen in the first place just seems foolish and I firmly believe that everyone should be better prepared to safeguard themselves against crime.

Crime is an unavoidable aspect of any city. No matter how safe your city or neighborhood is, there is going to be some aspect of crime that exists. Whether it’s a criminal who actively lives within the city or a network of criminal that come through in order to sweep and ssteal, being prepared to combat them is the only way to make sure that they can be stopped. I highly encourage both my friends and my family to install cameras in their garages and in the backyards so that if anything does happen, they can document the crime with actual video.

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