How To Keep Teak Furniture Looking Its Best

To survive sun, rain and wind outdoor furniture has to be tough–and absolutely no material is as prized for its durable beauty and also popular toughness as teak .
Created to survive for many years with not any routine maintenance , upkeep is a matter of preferences than a need .

Although many people choose the golden color of teak , others choose the recognized silver-grey that teak turns into as it weathers .
No matter what your choice , only a few actions can make sure teak furniture remains in tip-top shape for many years . Here are some suggestions from Jeremy Smith , teak furniture manufacturer :

Be sure you have an outstanding product to start with . Focus on the wood quality and also manufacturing methods used in the furniture , since this could affect furniture’s durability .

In case you choose the genuine look of weathered teak , it is possible to look ahead to few maintenance . When your furniture is placed outside , you will need to clean off mold , sap and also pollen each year with Olympic® Deck Wash .

When you’re placing the furniture inside your home , think about finishing it to provide protection from from unsightly stains by sealing or even varnishing it . Don’t apply teak oil , varnishes or even sealers on home furniture when you’re placing it outside , because this will cause it to become black with mildew .

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