Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury Vinyl Tile, otherwise known as LVT, is a style of flooring that is gaining popularity and changing old 20th century preconceptions and misconceptions about the limitations of vinyl flooring. Luxury vinyl tile flooring is comprised of multiple layers: resin; a hi-resolution image that looks like other, harder flooring surfaces; and a scratch-resistant top coat. Strong and attractive, LVT floors are being used in some of the finest homes in Fairview Heights – and everywhere else.

Vinyl plank flooring – to the untrained or unfocused eye, it resembles wood. Available in a panoply of hues, finishes, and grains, vinyl plank flooring can imitate hard and soft wood types with equal aplomb. Beyond the aesthetic advantages of vivacious vinyl plank, there also are practicalities that mitigate in favor of this wonderful flooring material.

Got kids? Dogs?A messy husband? Then you’re going to love the water resistance of vinyl plank flooring. If your house is prone to flooding, and you have been averse to wood because the water might warp it, vinyl plank may well be right for your situation.

Regarding LVT and vinyl plank, a popular brand is Naturcor® luxury vinyl tile.

Naturcor is superb for places where children play – the nursery or a playroom that is dedicated to the capering of young ones. Waterproof, it means that any messes can simply be mopped up. If you are interested in seeing LVT, vinyl plank, and Naturcor luxury vinyl tile in person, simply visit the friendly locals at Advance Carpet One in Fairview Heights.

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