Choosing the right bath: a guide

When it comes to choosing the right tub for your bathroom, you’ll need to give consideration to aspects like how much space you have, the style of bath you like and the price – read our guide to finding the ideal bath, taking into account a range of factors.

The size

How big a bath you choose for your home will depend on how much space you have available in the bathroom. However, even if there isn’t much room to spare, you could always invest in a tub that is wider than it is long, making the most of the space available.

Baths can typically hold between 150 and 230 litres of water and measure between 1700mm by 700mm and 1800mm by 1000mm, so you’re bound to find something that will fit in the area. Just make sure you know the dimensions of your bathroom and take a measuring tape along to showrooms or check the measurements of models online to find something ideal for the space.

The style

Baths come in all shapes and styles, ranging from traditional to thoroughly modern, so think about the overall look you’re hoping to achieve in the bathroom. For a period feel, consider investing in a small freestanding bath with brass taps and a roll top edge (Splash Direct has an impressive selection to choose from), while more modern spaces might be perfectly finished off with a more angular design, or even a deep, egg-shaped tub.

If you’d like your bathroom to be ultra-luxurious, consider going for a large circular bath that can easily fit two people and boasts a Jacuzzi function so you can relax with your partner in the evening, or opt for a model that also offers coloured lighting to soothe your senses or a built-in radio so you can enjoy your favourite music as you soak.

The material

Years ago, the majority of baths were made from cast iron, which is heavy but longwearing. Many freestanding baths are still made from the material and come primed so you can select a colour that will match the rest of your bathroom.
Along with cast iron options, you can also choose from materials like copper – which can look perfect in a period bathroom and also retains heat easily – while steel versions can be hygienic and durable. Acrylic baths are a popular choice for a modern space, and the material is very lightweight and also cost-effective, while stone resin baths are ideal for creating a natural look in the bathroom.

The price

How much you have to spend on your bath will guide your choice of things like the material it’s made from, the size of the model and whether it has any special features. If you can afford to go all out, you might decide to have sunken stone tub in the middle of the bathroom for a really striking focal point but, if you have less to spend, a freestanding acrylic model with chrome feet will only set you back a few hundred pounds.

It’s worth checking to see if you can get any special offers online or in-store such as multi-buy deals, which give you a lower price overall if you add items like the waste pipe to your order or buy a number of appliances together rather than separately.

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