Spying on children for effective parenting

There are a lot of parenting topics that create a lot of controversy, but one of the most heated debates today is whether parents have the right to spy on their children. Some parents believe that spying on their children is essential to effective parenting. How else will you know what your teenagers are up to with the popularity of electronics and the internet? Other parents believe that it is not fair to spy on their children. These parents believe that children of all ages deserve respect. They believe that parents should allow children to have their personal space without fear of violations. Where do you stand on this issue? Would you feel comfortable bringing a spy camera into your home? What about searching your teenager’s room to find and read their diary? Would you read a folded note addressed to your child if it was left lying in the middle of the floor? Most parents come to the conclusion that spying is necessary once their children reach middle school or high school. It is near impossible to keep track of a teenager’s activities online and at school without cameras in the home and tracking software on the computer. There is a way to respect your child and monitor their activities to ensure they are behaving responsibly. You can tell your child that you are using cameras, computer tracking software, and other tools. If you want to see what is really happening with your child without them changing their behavior or avoiding your cameras, you will have to install your equipment without their knowledge.

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