The solution for long distance digital video signal transmission

It is easy to find the best solution to generate a video signal from a distance of up to 900 feet. There’s a best way for that only by using VGA over CAT5. VGA over Cat5 generally provides you with powerful digital display and make you easily to control the system. Airport terminal, buses and also railway station and hospitals are locations in which the digital signage used to display any promotional videos in most public areas. The same strategy also be used for controlling and displaying ads in certain places, such as shopping center, brokerage houses, or even the grocery stores.

The problem in these matters is transferring video and audio signals over long distances. Many people use fiber solution to overcome this problem. However, this way is very expensive since you have to upgrade computers, monitors and also perform fiber optic distribution. That is why the usage of CAT5 VGA Extenders and also inexpensive network offers the perfect solution. The benefit of using VGA over CAT5 ; you do not have to use a bulky VGA cables. The regular VGA cable will not transmit signal over several meters before signal quality may also be reduced. By using VGA extender, such as VGA over CAT5, digital signal can be transferred over long distance by the support of this device.

The VGA Extenders are representation of the local service point near control system and also local access point that links to VGA video source to a long distance receiver in the monitor. The digital signal systems which range from 1, 500 feet will need external power supply. Those that have distance up to 400 feet do not need additional power supply. This solution is really effective to transmit audio and video signal which has good resolution up to 1900×1200 @ 60Hz. This device comes with various models which are available to purchase in the market

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