The different types of wooden house construction

Today, the wood responds to a real need for the planet. Solid material, natural adaptable to all regions and all types of terrain, it is acclaimed for its durability.

Sustainable healthy living, the best quality, price, performance, saving energy is the advantage of a wooden house.

What material to choose?

Many manufacturers offer wooden houses in overview of the different types of wood construction:

• Tudor: used in areas such as Alsace, Normandy or the Sologne most often the filling is made of mud, brick or earth between horizontal wooden sleepers.

• Timber frame house: it provides excellent thermal and acoustic performance. It is the evolution of the technique of timber, cob being replaced by insulating coated wood veneer.

• House glulam: perfect for accurate dimension and original forms, this technique allows to combine wood with steel, concrete, etc.

• post and beam house: its structure allows to combine thermal and acoustic benefits while providing large volumes and large windows.

• House Solid stacked: This technique consists of superimposing wood elements on each other. This is the typical chalet mounted with logs.

The investment is encouraged by tax credits and zero-interest loans. These aids are due to the quality of the wood, a very popular but with a price of 10 to 20% over traditional houses structure.

The duration of the work on the house may allow savings on your construction loan (although a wooden construction lasts less than 6 months). The advantage of wood is also able to change your home cheaply.


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