Advantages Of Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood floors are usually much stronger when compared with regular hardwood flooring. This can also be installed over almost anything. This surely makes it appealing to someone trying to install a wood floor without any trouble.

New technologies make it possible to place real wood as the peak layer of every engineered plank. This indicates that engineered flooring essentially indistinguishable from regular real wood flooring. It also means less wood is needed for each plank. The surface finishes used by the manufacturer are usually tougher than a finish you might use on your own if you are installing real wood flooring .

Since the surface finishes are used at the manufacturer, this is why you can stay away from all the mess, more time and also vapors related to applying your own personal finish. You also don’t need to bother about sanding or even taping plastic all over the place in your house. With engineered wood flooring, it is possible to walk on it after it is installed. There is absolutely no waiting time, its quick satisfaction. And you don’t need to polish it!

The manufacturer also adds various coats of finish on each and every wood plank which dries to an extended harder shielding layer when compared with a finish you would use. This extra protection leads to less routine maintenance for you as time passes. Aside from that it engineered floors will be more scratch resistant when compared with solid flooring. When you have pets or kids, engineered wood flooring can be a great solution. It will certainly help you save time in the beginning and over the functional life of the flooring.

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