The perfect deck

The great deck is a traditional and practical way to capitalise on our temperate climate and make the most of outdoor living.

Many homeowners like the idea of building a deck if they don’t already have one, but it’s important to think carefully about how the space is going to be used in order to determine how your deck should best be designed.


As any garden designer will tell you, zoning is the key to a successful backyard and a deck is a feature that never fails to invite people outdoors. The house and the size of the block are the first elements you need.

To consider to make a location decision. Even if space is limited, there may be more options than you think. Adding a door, a walkway or privacy screen may allow a deck to be built where it’s most convenient.

Take in any views on offer and think about the climate. A north-facing deck will get the winter sun as well as summer rays. West-facing decks can be very hot in the afternoon, and even south-facing decks can get midday sun in summer, so factor in shade.

A deck can make good use of an empty corner or difficult location, creating extra outdoor space. Think about unused driveways, over garages, side areas, on a hill or slope, or the front of the house.

Making it work

Plan what your deck should feature to suit your lifestyle and space.

SERIOUS ENTERTAINERS will love smart built-in joinery with seating also offering extra storage.Think about including a built-in drinks fridge and integrated barbecue, as well as outdoor speakers and ambient lighting.

YOUNG FAMILIES should consider features such as wide steps and clear views from the house for maximum child safety. Incorporating play equipment and adequate shade are good options that can also add resale value.

PEACE SEEKERS can benefit from even a small side deck as a pleasant spot to spend time outdoors. A quiet corner can also be part of a large deck, with privacy screening and plants plus comfy furniture.

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