Making Garden Shower

Cool down on hot summer days without setting foot inside the house with an outdoor shower. You can make it in half a day using treated pine and copper pipes. It’s built as a timber frame and clad with decking boards then painted with two coats of an exterior acrylic. The showerhead is attached to piping connected to a garden hose, and not to the mains setup, so the plumbing can be legally installed DIY.


tor the framework, cut 70 x 45mm H3 treated pine with a mitresaw. Assemble the base and add the studs to make the frame then attach the head panel, using construction adhesive and 65mm x 8g square-drive treated pine screws for the joints. Drill pilot holes for all screws with a 2mm combination countersink bit.

TIP: Attach a small stainless steel coat hook to a stud for hanging a towel.


The plumbing for this shower is made using half-inch copper pipe joined with easy-to-use compression fittings. When the timber frame is built, measure and mark the exact lengths of pipe required, allowing for the section that extends inside the fitting. To cut the pipe, clamp it gently to avoid crushing it and cut with a hacksaw. Finish by deburring the cut edge with small, fine file.

TIP: Join the pipes with the fittings then add the showerhead and tap, connecting the garden hose.

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