Swimming pool maintainance

Although financial and time commitments are involved, pool ownership still works out cheaper than investing in many other recreational activities when broken down into a weekly outlay, and can add long-term value to the property.

‘Our climate being what it is, the backyard swimming pool is part of the fabric of who we are,’ says Spiros. He estimates the minimum cost of maintaining an average-sized pool per week is between $10 and $20 if you do it yourself. ‘But if people don’t regularly maintain their pool it can cost substantially more,’ he cautions. Spiros says cost variables largely depend on what type of sanitizing system is in place.’You can have manual dosing where someone puts the chlorine in the pool themselves, while others use salt chlorinators or different minerals like copper, silver or bromine.

‘In Australia the most popular choice by far is using a salt chlorinator system as it’s lower in maintenance, rather than manually adding chlorine every day or week.’So while the pump and filtration systems running the chlorinator is also dosing the pool,’ Spiros says.

TIP:  If a pool is well maintained it only needs repainting or resurfacing every five to 10 years.


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