Having a dedicated home office

Having a dedicated home office can be invaluable for getting the bills paid and your tax done, but if you’re not using it all the time it can be a real space killer.
A great way to have an office when you need it that can vanish when you don’t is to convert a built-in wardrobe by adding wall cabinets, a desktop and drawers all made from plywood.

There’s no complicated joinery, with the wall cabinets and drawers secured together using screws. We used a table saw to cut the plywood, but you could easily use a circular saw and straightedge guide.
Speed up construction by using a crown stapler to attach the shelf backs and drawer bases, and a nailer for the trim, or simply secure by hand with a hammer and nails.

Start by measuring the distance between the side walls, subtract 40mm from the measurement and divide the remainder by the number of cabinets.
This will leave a 20mm space between the cabinets and the walls at each end that is covered with the face frame. We needed three 700mm-wide cabinets built 1200mm tall.

You’ll also have to decide how wide to make the drawers. The key is to construct the frame and mount the runners before building the drawers, then measure between the runners and build the drawers to fit.

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