Minimalist House Design Tips

The diversity of the latest design of the house more and make variations of the model. First The design of the house looks dull and just rely on some specific models and seem monotonous. But now the growth in time was also made more attractive minimalist design. Designing the house was important to make a comfortable place to live.

1. Model of the wall on the outside of the home
Strive to use the elements of plain concrete for the walls of the exterior of the home plus additional ornaments or small stones lines are placed against the wall. To the outside window, disesesuaikan characteristic elongated layout with and without architectural or alias contour profile in plain frame.

2. Iron Fence
Designing the fence has a major influence on the design minimalist house as a whole, to get the Design a fence as usual, but also must not carelessly wrote maksutnya do, choose a fence design that has a contour straight, not having elongated grooves and if possible straight with gray color gray / black and with its thick plastic cover that is generally made light blue or other colors.

3. Determine the pattern
Determine the pattern is the design of each room should be drafted in accordance with the rules for the minimalist home design, the first straight, clean, tidy impressed, a little extra ornaments and many others, day or other tools to add, choose the properties are minimal. If you put a one-time items that do not reserve the concept of minimalism, it will create a different impression.

4. The importance of Decoration on Wall
This wall hanging has an important role, generally in the presence of a painting that is placed at the midpoint of the room to create or make the main focus of it. If there is also another addition of decoration, such as ornaments made of metal, stickers or paint game.

5. Selection of Curtain
For the selection of curtains is advisable to choose a plain curtain dominant and no ornaments or form that is too curvy, choose a curtain which is also as simple as possible and Match colors with the area around the room, the curtains could have the impression that blend with the existing space.

6. Selection of Floor
Choose tiles that have a design with large dimensions, or can also use a wooden floor which has also been widely used in home design minimalist abroad. Or can also use the carpet installation is in tune with your room.

7. Simple display
In general, in terms of the minimalist design of the main house is a simple principle or simple, but as its development even prefer the minimalist house in an exclusive selection of furniture and had the look expensive. But if you want to apply the minimalist design of this house in your home then it is most important to the impressive look of the house is empty, symmetrical, kotak2 and not have excess furniture.

That’s 7 key principles that should be applied to design minimalist house can be perfect, may be helpful in designing your home

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