Going greener when you rent your house

As a renter you probably are not able to fix up and modernize your home to fit your particular needs. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean you can’t make your home more ecologically friendly and cut costs on your power bills. You’ll find many simple ways to make your home more green and cut your energy use without the requirement for extensive remodeling. While you are looking at reducing costs, why not re-examine your renters insurance Connecticut to see if you can find any ways you can save money on your premiums?
Listed here are some straightforward ways you possibly can decrease your energy use at home:
•    For the duration of summer time leave your air conditioning off except when very necessary and use fans to cool your house down instead.
•    During winter set the thermostat just a few degrees lower and wear an extra layer of clothing.
•    Replace incandescent light bulbs with energy efficient ones
•    Think about exchanging older appliances with energy star rated new types
•    Use draft excluders on doorways to prevent warm air leaking out during winter and cool air leaking out during summer time.
Going greener doesn’t need to be expensive or a hassle. With a few easy steps you can have a more ecologically friendly home and lower power bills. When you replace an expensive appliance it is important to be sure you update your renters insurance Connecticut to ensure your new purchase is covered.

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