Beautify your garden with light stone Path

Currently the home garden is always identical to the string of beautiful trees and flowers equiped with a fountain, was actually not exclusively so, especially modern minimalist home parks that tend to out of the box, the concept was not necessarily all such

Perhaps the design of modern minimalist home garden can be your inspiration, the atmosphere Utilizing elements of rock and modern minimalist home garden lighting you ready to build. Model design garden lighting creations from designer Roberto Paoli. He created a modern minimalist garden design that not only filled the green grass but there is also a path made ??of white stone which was a series of lights.

The garden designer inspired style SNG king of pop. Michael Jackson is known as the moonwalk style, where each step coincides with the dance floor that lights up. For that Roberto Paoli park was created in the form of a series of light white stone path that runs up into the lane.

What is certain elements of the interior garden lights are unique modern minimalist house is able to offer a very different impression of the park. Lights during the day the park will look like a row of plain white stone, while in the evening will be a source of light for the whole park.

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