The orchid can not bloom well

Flowers are a part of the plant that serves to help save plant species with seeds that will form a new individual plant. In other words orchids, in that it helps the development of the vegetative orchids. Well when the orchids are not flowering, the first question asked is whether the plant was already in the vegetative growth phase or is generative.

Plants generally have a life in order that we have seen as starting from seed, turn into sprouts and young plants, mature, flower, fruit and continues to be repeated in order to maintain sustainability in the world. Interest in this role is as one part to preserve their habitats, with emphasis on derivatives.

Well, as one of the orchid plants using seeds as a means to reproduce themselves, so which do not produce flowers when it will face the problem of continuity of its kind. Besides orchids reared by humans mainly because of the beauty of flowers, orchids when no-no (not long) then flowering should be suspected, there must be something that is not completed. The beauty of orchid in nature will evolve periodically, according to the nature of the plant and its environment . Usually at the beginning of the rainy season, many species of orchids in bloom, with the hope of opportunity to be able to produce fruit and new saplings. In its habitat not about fertilizer rates or vitamin / other chemical stimulants, and can bloom well.
To be flowering orchids must meet certain circumstances such as plant age, since some of the components / parts of the plant is perfectly meets pekembangannya, roots, leaves, stems, etc.. If the bulb is 3-4 dendrobium orchids, and the last bulb perfect all the leaves have grow / bloom, there are a few extra bumps in a few axillary leaves. For phalaenopsis orchids, where the number of leaves 4-5 leaves and are large (about 20 cm long and 10 cm wide). In this condition we call orchids are ready to bloom, just waited for what stimulus will result in flowering.
Why my orchid plants can not bloom well? Well to answer this, try checking your plants:

  •     whether Tamanan been growing well, in terms of age, size and components of plants? Too much fertilizer / vitamins that are too lush orchid plant leaves, it can be noted that many of the leaves, there will also be of interest (titip grow) develop and grow a new leaf buds.
  •     Weather and conditions
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