Trip to Israel

Have you ever been to Israel? It is a great country in the middle east. IT has a long and fascinating history.
Among the most famous places in Israel everyone knows Jerusalem – that is a holy place for many religions and millions of people, Tel Aviv – the city that never sleeps, but always parties, dances at nights, and works, creates and produces during the day. Haifa – a hard-working, beautiful city in the north, with it’s amazing Baha’i Gardens, beautiful mountains and gorgeous see view. And of course I should not forget to mention Eilat – a small wonderful travelling location in the South of Israel. Only 40 minutes flight takes you to the read sea, warm sun and incredible corals.
When we traveled to Israel for the first time, we stayed 3 days in Jerusalem, 5 days in Tel Aviv and then 3 days in Haifa.
First we arrived to Ben Gurion airport and friendly taxi driver took us to Jerusalem. We stayed in the most wonderful and historically famous Jerusalem Hotel.
It is a beautiful place in a great location. It is situated in the best place a hotel in Jerusalem can be placed.
The hotel was opened in 1932 and was the first, modern, luxury hotel in Jerusalem. Later it was exploded in order to demonstrate that right-wing Zionists were against British Mandatory authorities of Palestine.
We have really enjoyed our stay in this hotel. It is beautiful, luxury and cosy. It was very comfortable to explore this ancient city and it’s history staying at this place. It is very close to all historical places and to all great restaurants and shopping area.
On the last day of staying in Jerusalem, we rented a car in order to drive to Tel Aviv, and then – Haifa. SInce we already had recommendations from our friend “in you are thinking to rent car in Israel – go to Shlomo Sixt. So we used this advice and were very satisfied! The service we got was absolutely perfect, and we even got a discount!!! We gou our mazda 3 ( one of the most popular cars in Israel). We drived safely to Tel Aviv, stayed there in Dan Panorama hotel, went to numerous parties, ate in those amazing middle eastern coffee places and small oriental restaurants,made a lot of shopping on Shenken street and then drived to Haifa.
And what i can tell you – even Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are famous cities, Haifa is a silent, green beautiful city. I will definitely visit it again when I go to Israel again.

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