Success story: Taufik, a professor at U.S.

Its appearance on the magazine cover EeWeb September 2011 provoke curiosity. Do not usually appear in Indonesia people magazine cover and gets coverage in the United States and the main topic “Interview”. Not just anyone can get a chance. But that’s what’s to come by Prof. Taufik.

Taufik is now taught at California State Polytechnic, USA, and became a professor there. In his profile at the University, it appears that he is indeed not indiscriminate. In the list of awards that he received there are 33 awards from a variety of categories.  Just look kind of appreciation. In addition to crowned Best Overall Professor at Cal Poly in 2007, he was also awarded the title as Best Story Teller Professor, Most Humorous Professor, Favourite Professor, and so on.

In his interview in the magazine, Professor of electronic field also Director of the Electric Power Institute, USA, it was mentioned that his favorite experienced in this field since high school in Jakarta. That’s when a man becomes the student, the best high school in that year, getting to know the circuit electronics. “From where I am mengenaldan interested in the field of Engineering (engineering),” he said. Love on the field is getting more and more powerful when he attended the United States.

Finishing his studies at SMAN Taufik 13 Jakarta in 1989. After that get a scholarship from the Government of Indonesia to continue their schooling in Nothern Arizona University. “Thank God this is my first chance to learn outside of the country,” said Taufik, as it is written 1993 Bachelor in Science he achieved, graduating Cum Laude. He took the field of Computer Science in the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University.

Responsibility because it was already in the US and shame if rush home, Taufik resumed again to the level of S2 and S3. S2-his take on the University of Chicago, Illinois as well as through a scholarship program. He earned a Master’s degree in 1995 in the field of Electrical Engineering. Then he took his S3 diCleveland State University, earning a doctorate in 1999.

During the pursuit of a doctorate, Taufik worked as a consultant in several engineering companies. In fact, she had worked for a year as an Engineer at Allen-Bradley, a large company that is moving in the automation industry. After that he worked on several moving companies in the field of engineering, among others in Rantec Power, San Diego Gas and Electric & on APD Semiconductor. After that, he began teaching at Cal Poly State University. At University he taught a variety of electronic payment such as Power Electronics Design, Modeling and Simulation of Power Converters, Control Systems, Motor Drives and so on.

Currently, its activities are developed the DC House (System stream of electricity to homes by the method of direct current), as well as raise funds to be able to build the DC House at Cal Poly and Indonesia (next year). To that end, he has established close collaboration with several professors from the College of Indonesia.
The achievements gained in the field of electronics is actually a sock in contrast to his goal used to be. “First I aspire to be, knowing my soldiers, in elementary school that is managed by and located on boarding Arhanud (Artillery Pertahananan Air), so my friend almost all his soldiers and every day I see the troops,” he said, on one occasion. However, suits the development of the time he finally prefers the field of electronics that led him to be an Assistant Professor at the University of the United States.

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