Gold as an alternative for long term investment

Gold investment in the times of crisis is a good option as a hedge your property. Gold prices are relatively stable making it the most secure investment than any other commodity and any other types of investment. In this case, more targeted investment is in gold by buying gold bullion / precious metal 24 carat, not gold jewelry because gold jewelry is usually 22 carat and there is the cost of manufacture.

Price of gold tend to be stable every year and it is considered not affected by inflation / zero inflation effect, and very rarely gold prices fell in the market, and gold can also be worn for the collection and as jewelry.

Investing in Gold is the good way to save your assets. You can also invest in stocks, property, mutual funds, bonds or others and investment in gold bullion and  gold coins could be the best alternative, especially in unstable conditions of crisis  time, the gold could be as a mean to hedge. Gold prices also tend to be stable due to the gold commodity in the world can not be increased.

Another advantage is the price of gold is also valued in U.S. dollars, so if there is an increase in the value of U.S. dollar, you can get two immediate advantages of the increase in the dollar and the rise of the price of gold itself but it can be the same condition, if the gold price was falling. However for the long term gold prices tend to rise.

When compared with investing directly in USD currency, gold is more profitable. The money changer relatively chooses the quality of the money. They value the cheap currency for folded money. Not to mention there is the risk of false serial number. As a result, save USD currency must always be updated. Unlike the gold which can be bought and we just take any action for a while.

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