Benefits of Tea for Home Maintenance

Tea is not only delicious to drink and to benefit the health of the body. But this leaves containing isoflavones was also able to be used for home care. As quoted from Care2, the following eight other uses of tea for ‘health’ of your home.

1. Carpet Cleaning
Carpets that have been aged long does it usually cause the smell of stale and dusty. Cleaning the carpet with water and detergents can damage the course material. While vacuuming with a vacuum cleaner just can not eliminate the odor. The solution, sprinkle powdered tea leaves on the surface of the carpet. After settling for 10 minutes, wash with a vacuum cleaner. Carpets were clean and smelled fresh.

2. Wood Floor Polishing
For those of you who use the wood for the floors, black tea can help maintain color and polished wood. Prepare a floor cleaner water and fluids as usual, then add one to two cups of black tea that is brewed. Rub the entire floor mop and let dry.

3. Furniture polish
Steeping tea can also help clean and polished wooden furniture. Dip a cloth in the tea water, and use to wipe tables, chairs and other wooden furniture.

4. Mirror and Window Cleaning
Tea can clean fingerprints left hand on the glass furniture, as well as make it more clear and luminous. Simply rub the tea bag is still half wet on the surface of a mirror or glass. Or, put the tea into a spray bottle, spray on glass and dry with a clean cloth.

5. Eliminate Stains in Toilet
Brownish stains on the toilet hole is often difficult to clean and make the toilet look dirty. Use a tea bag used to clean it. Enter a tea bag in the toilet hole, let stand several hours, and flush or flush. Stains will be lifted and more easily cleaned with a brush.

6. Eliminate Odor Fishy Fish
Rinse your hands with water or tea after a meal to cook fish. The stench of fish will disappear instantly.

7. Invigorating Aroma in Refrigerator
Refrigerator odor is often caused due to a variety of foods stored in it. In order for a fresh scent when opened refrigerator, put some tea bags in the refrigerator. Tea bags can absorb odor-odor.

8. Car fragrances
Products using the car deodorizers contain synthetic fragrance chemicals. In some people, the chemicals can cause allergic reactions. As an alternative pegharum a safe car, use a mixture of powder and lavender tea or herbal tea, then wrap with gauze pads. Place under the seat to eliminate the odor.

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