Walk in Closet at your Home

Walk in closet is a room for storing clothes and accessories supporting performances such as shoes, ties, belts and others. It could also be a place where items commonly stored in a closet like bed linen, or towels. In this room can also be a place to get dressed and decorated.

Plan your wardrobe rumahJika beniat to make a space walk-in closet at home. Here are some things you should consider.
Determine the room
Rooms will be walk-in closet space should be the primary consideration. Determination of the room includes a big room and where the rooms will be used. For large room can be adjusted with the remaining empty space in your home. The recommended minimum room width 2 mx 2 m If your house is not too broad, do not force it to make a walk-in closet because the room is more important can not be fulfilled.The location of the room that used to be placed for walk-in closet is in the bedroom or near the bathroom. Or it can also be placed in a room that is located between your room and the child’s room, so this room can be used together.
Create a List of Goods
Make what items you want to keep in this room walk-in closet. With the list, will facilitate the design of furniture that will be made. For example, if you want to keep the shoe in this room meant it took a special closet for shoes. Or if you want to store socks, gloves or your accessories, means need to be made the drawers in the cabinet.
More or less items to be stored also determine the number or size of the cabinet to be placed in this room. The more stuff you want to keep the more means of storage media required.
Determining Furniture
Furniture that must exist in a space walk-in closet is a closet. Then, based on a wish list of items stored, you can determine how many cabinets that would exist in this space and berapaukurannya to accommodate the items you want to keep. Then, determine also whether other support necessary furniture, such as discussions, sofas, dressers, coat hanger or other necessary appendages.
After getting the furniture is what will be there in this room, you can determine where the location of each piece of furniture. The placement of furniture should be in the proper position so as to facilitate your activities in this room and pay attention to elements of the overall harmony of space.
Furniture Design
Now, time for you to specify design furniture for the model to be used. Determination of the design of furniture tailored to the theme that you want to present in this room.
As the storage medium and the main furniture in walk-in closet, design closet into something noteworthy. You can specify the design of the cabinet for example by determining whether the cabinet will be closed or open, how the door of the closet if you want to be made of glass, whether it is necessary to use a sliding door, and others.
Because you want to feel like in the boutique, benyak who want to dress in the closet can be seen, but the problem is that the clothes can be dirty if the cabinet is left without cover. For that, the door of the glass can be an option. To save space, cabinets with sliding doors can be used. Another design is the coat closet with a mirror, so no need to put a mirror in this room. Besides saving space, use of mirrors can make the room look more spacious and will allow you to see the appearance after dressing.
With the walk-in closet, your personal belongings to be more organized, easy to find and seemed to have a private boutique.
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