Teaching Softball for Kids

Softball is a kind of game or sport which is descendant of baseball, even though normally played by girls and women. Baseball is also called and known as hardball to distinguish the difference in the sport. The rules of softball and hardball remain primarily the same. Something to differ between baseball and softball is the ball that is played in softball is little bit larger than the ball played in baseball, actually the name softball does not mean the ball is soft. While Softball may be different, it is also a kind of favorite sport which is a part of and the game has raised the spirits of players and by-standers alike.

Softball was originally founded in 1887. At the moment this game known as a winter version of the sport of baseball. At the moment, it was known as indoor softball and intended for baseball players to keep the rules and keep in practice during the off days. However in 1920’s the name baseball changed to softball and became an organized sport resembling baseball.

Softball for Kids
Just like baseball, you can train these kids by using a T-ball set. T-ball is easier for younger children to learn how to hit the ball rather than hitting the ball which is pitched to them. A Softball is placed in a stable pole where the kids can hit the ball as it sits still. This is a one of the way for children to learn the art of batting in softball.

Besides training them by using a T-ball set, you can use the role playing namely catching method to train them to get several experiences in catching the ball. As opposed to teaching kids the techniques of this sport at this age, you can start with fun ways that you and your child can both enjoy. You can teach them simple wrist movements for throwing the ball as well as ways to catch the ball with the mitt, but you must keep it very simple with positive reinforcements for effort.

You should have an active role while teaching your child’s Softball games, if they play for a organized team. If they do not, be an active role teaching them the fundaments yourself. It will not only create a bond between the both of you, but will also bestow you both a better rules and techniques of the game and understandings for which to learn more together.

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