Some mistakes When You try to do something

“Choose a method then try these methods. If it fails, admit it and try another method. But most importantly, doing something. “
-Franklin D. Roosevelt-

“Often the difference between success and failure is not because that one does not have the expertise or ideas, but rather the courage to take risks on an existing idea and execute it.”
-Maxwell Maltz-

What is stopping you from doing anything? Here are five mistakes I have done repeatedly. And I still keep doing these mistakes, but not as much as I did before. I continue to improve gradually.

The following are actions that can make you refrain, even stopping yourself from taking action and getting what you want. In fact it is more than 5 things, but this time I want to focus on 5 things in my opinion can stop me and other people in General.

Thinking often call-call the best things in this world. In some cases, think precisely holding you back. In my opinion: I was not the result of my thinking, I was an observer of my thinking. This kind of thinking makes you not too attached to the existing thoughts. And to avoid the idea that what people say is the truth. Often this kind of thinking is useless and will only fulfill your head. And you realize that you do not have to consider very seriously the thoughts. You can forget it if you want it.

With the point of view like this, it will be easier for you to take a distance from you and your thoughts to control it rather than let yourself is controlled by the thought-provoking. Common sense is important, but often we are aware of what thoughts we have to listen to and which ones are just nonsense.

There is a time for you to listen to your emotions. But often it is not a good idea. Once again, for me the emotion is something that I’ve observed. This allows me to take a range of emotions and not overly serious emotions you already invoked, unless these emotions may help you in certain situations.
If you have negative emotions that you refrain from taking action, then what can you do that you don’t really take seriously your emotions?

One thing you can do is to accept the fact that the feeling is there inside you. Than you refuse your feelings and do not accept such feelings; Let it go and accept my feelings. By accepting these feelings without providing any labels and just observe it; You can reduce the negative feelings that arise in a matter of minutes. Then you can continue your activity without feeling the negative things within yourself.

Another way you can do is to look back on a situation that you face from different points of view. If you look at things with a sense of fear, you probably will not take any action. If you change your point of view, you can change the emotions of nagatif which appears to be positive. The simplest way to change your point of view is to ask yourself: does well what can I take away from this situation? This way you can start to see things through the perspective of new and more positive, and at the same time sparked your passion in starting something.

Doesn’t really take seriously your thoughts and emotions is the same as other things you normally do. This is a habit that you wake up and grow more powerful. Slowly you will be capable of releasing yourself from the burden of thoughts and emotions that bind you.

I’ve mentioned this several times. What people are saying about the world and you may not be true. Often he says is more of a people’s feelings about himself and he passed it on to those around him. If they share the negative things then it is more a reflection of themselves than with the fact that there is.

Of course, there is a possibility that these people give criticism against yourself or your ideas are right. But on the other hand, frequently critics who appear negative opinion about a person against his or her point of view of its surroundings, how he wants to look correct in a conversation, or how he wanted his viewpoint about expresses the reality and to create a sense of security and the feeling that all is going as usual.
I think you need to listen to the opinions of others. Especially those who have been in a position where you want to go. But in the end try to make your own decisions. Try doing a lot of things and see which one works rather than just listening to other people’s predictions.

Without any power, it is extremely difficult to do something. If you master the fundamental things in keeping yourself then you will have more power to transform your ideas into reality. So if you simply take a break, eat healthy foods and exercising then you deliver more value for yourself.

For me – because I always sleep and eat on a regular basis – the most important thing for me is berolehraga with a regular basis. Sports make you have more energy and more easily in doing something.

Do something with more often is not a good idea. It sounds maybe good at first, but based on my experience, it would in fact make you confused and even just a little more work could be completed.

One of the mistakes that often you’re doing is taking too long devised a plan. To ensure your work goes smoothly, the most important thing you do is concoct a plan to perfection. You could devise a plan to analyze potential problems that can arise when you’re implementing your plan. The problem is when you execute your plan; you have not thought about the possibility that could happen.

The plan was perfect would be very difficult to be drawn up. So once you’ve devised a plan, started as soon as possible, work with the implementing plan and resolve issues that arise when you get to work.

Reading too much is another way that could hinder yourself. You feel you need to read one or more books or articles and then take action. Maybe tomorrow or next week. Too much reading can also cause confusion because different experts have differing advice to yourself.

Reading makes you feel better because you’re stepping toward your goals and educate yourself. However, to obtain better results, good if you read the alanglah to obtain information about the basic steps that you can do, as well as the mistakes that are often done by someone else, then start a workout in the fitness centre.

Too many think is the most popular way to postpone things. The delay could be time-consuming you as you imagine your future, or possibly negative scenario would never happen in the real world. Based on my experience, too much thinking only makes the things you think are becoming more complicated and can pull you into their circle of negative thoughts so you feel afraid to take action.

So, do something more sounds indeed like a good idea. You are working on something to make something even better. Plan, read, and thought about the three things that are rated as being very good in our society. And third it is a good thing. But you can’t help but take action by doing these three things are a lot more.

Another problem that arises is the third it can make you feel you are experiencing progress. So you keep doing these three things, and do not take action, as well as replacing the real feeling that you have made progress with a feeling of being mistaken.

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