Study at campus while working in a company

Basically I am a diligent student. I study at campus while working in a company to finance my education because I do not depend anymore on my parents. I’ve grown and I have to prove that I was able to finish my studies for a bachelor’s degree without the help of parents. Therefore I learned while working to finance my studies.Maybe some of you just like me. Independent living without burdening your parents.

Money is not everything, but we can not deny that money is also included in the one medium that can sustain our lives. When seen in person, this assumption may not be true. In general, we can see that people are making money is an attempt to defend his life, and people who work, not necessarily for the money. But for those of you who is a student / student and wants to try to be independent, financially. Of course you also will try to find money to meet the needs, because it is one solution to meet your needs.

The decision to work while going to college or school actually has a risk, but the level of risk would vary by the job you’re in.. At least, you sometimes find it difficult to manage time between school and work, especially if the job is bound, you will often be confronted by the constraints. One such work schedule conflicts with class schedules. Or fatigue, because your stamina has been drained when working. But, if you work without attachment (freelance) or with a shift system, at least you can minimize those risks by regulating the work schedule with class schedules.

For most college students are often lazy to complete the various tasks of college because they have a lot of bustle and activity beyond the lectures as active in the organization and job. Sometimes lecturers often give us many tasks such as paper, essay, and research papers that make me unable to finish it. Indeed, the task must be completed quickly and on time. But for me as a student who was so busy with various routines outside the college so it does not have time to finish it. Not because I’m lazy to finish it but it may be because of time constraints that make me not able to do it.

Therefore To do various essays , I usually use the service of online freelance writer who already have a lot of experience in writing essay. They usually write my essay for me and finish it immediately and on time so that it will help me in finishing my study as soon as possible and get bachelor degree.

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