Small Stones

A foreman building located at 5th floor wants to call workers are again working under. After the foreman repeatedly shouted calling, the workers cannot be heard due to focus on improvements and the noise of building tools.

The foreman kept trying to keep the workers want turned upward, on the money 1,000 ‘s dollar fell right next to the workers. The workers were only picked up money $ 1, and continuing improvements. The foreman finally threw money $ 10,-and hope the workers want to look up “briefly” to the top … But the workers just jump elation as found money $ 10, and fun back to work.

In the end the foreman to throw small stones on the right head of the workers. Feeling pain is finally the new workers would turn up and able to communicate with the foreman.

The story above is equal to our lives. God has always wanted to say hello to us ….
However, we are always busy with our “world”.
We give a little or a lot of good fortune, often we forget to look up grateful!!!
Even more often we do not want to know where that came from Fortune … In fact we have always said … We are again “HOCKEY”! The worse we be arrogant with the Fortune belongs to God.

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