How to care of your house during rainy season

The rainy season is very long as it did two years we should be aware of its impact on our homes. Nothing wrong if there is free time, we examine the parts of the house are very susceptible to rain. One of the most important part is the roof of the house which became patron of the house. If something happens to the roof, then it would be bad for the contents of the house. Because of this, consider the roof of your house well.

Chairman of the Indonesian Institute of Architects (AIA) of South Sulawesi, Anwar Sanusi, said, in this rainy season, it is worth examining the roof, and gutters jurai. Moreover, if the age of these three parts are annual. Hot sun or cold temperatures at night will greatly affect the resistance of the roof. Even the wind can create a gap in the roof. “Indeed, the roof should be checked, especially before entering the rainy season,” said Sanusi. Shaded roofs should also be considered.

The leaves that fall could have been clogged roof gutters so that water does not flow properly. Likewise with dust. Even though very small dust particles, but if it’s been years will form a sediment in gutters. Sanusi also reminded that homeowners pay attention to the slope of the roof. For the tin-roofed house that might not be a problem. With a slope of 5 degrees once did, the water will easily flow on a tin roof. The problem is the roof tile model. Moreover, if made of soil, slope of the roof tiles of at least 27.5 degrees.

Less than that, then the water will not flow properly. The potential is very large leaks. “If this is so, the landlord should raise the roof tiled. If not, water can get into the house,” said Sanusi. The other part that needs attention is the roof lining. There are two kinds of layers that are often used, namely rubber and aluminum foil. “Check the layers are made of rubber. How getasnya power? Rubber has a certain age until he is hardened and finally easy to crack,” said Sanusi. The wall also need care during the rainy season. Especially the outer walls and directly exposed to rain. For the walls, paint materials that must be considered. Preferably, said Sanusi, paint materials for exterior walls that are weather coat.

Regular paint will not withstand rainy weather. Besides moldy, damp walls would, blister or peel. Beyond that, drainage and trees also should be observed. On this rainy season, the blocked drainage can trigger localized flooding. Trees that are too dense too dangerous for the home, especially if high winds come.

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