Basic Gardening Tips

Gardening also takes natural steps. Not all pests must be cleared using a pesticide. Environmentally friendly ways can be applied to a healthy environment.

The steps that are environmentally friendly gardening quite easy to do. Among others, by considering the following nine:

  • Plant the plants in accordance with the conditions of the park. Customize the existing soil fertility, water needs, soil type, as well as sunlight and other purposes.
  • Choose plants that are resistant to pests and insects. Look for adequate information on which plants would be planted.
  • Give the distance corresponding to the growth of plants from small to large. Avoid conditions that are very dense by one type of plant. Make sure the air flow smoothly down to the tiniest plants and not too humid and dark. Generally, the similarity of plants and damp conditions will accelerate and facilitate the presence of insects.
  • Plant species that can invite beneficial insects. Examples Sunflower plants that invite pest-eating insects. Or use plants that have a scent can repel insects. For example, the flower Cosmos / Interest Tahi Kotok who has an unpleasant smell for insects.
  • Provide variety of flowering plants in the garden, at least between 5 -10% of the park. Insects “good” will come if there are flowers that contain nectar that becomes food.
  • Beware of the presence of ants on plants. Usually ant factor in the presence of white pest plants. To control ants organically, spray water mixed with essence of garlic every day routine morning and evening until the ants do not come back.
  • Use mulch to control weeds and make weed as a home for insects that spiders can prey on crop pests. In its application, seek further information from how to use the proper and efficient weed.
  • Immediately discard the petals have wilted on the plants. Avoid the last petals and remain attached to the rod tip.
  • If the initial attack, do the trimming and pruning is to throw the rest away from the park or burn it in a safe place.

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