What will you do with yor site traffic?

Many people have difficulty bringing visitor to their website. There are also can bring thousands of visitor to their website every day.Can get thousands of visitor every day surely is pleasant and good thing, and they have all reasons to proud to himself.However from the glasses a music entrepreneur or marketer (that is to say in terms of profits), whether:

Thousands Of Visitor = Profits?

Because if this is not the visitor-visitor buy your product or service, useless you get so many visitor. They don’t buy from you.

No Sale = No Profits!

You may be able to say: “But I could be able to profit from the sale of advertising space on my website.”

Yes, sebenernya including earnings as well, it’s just that his earnings were much smaller than you to sell your own products or services.

Indeed, Google sells advertising and he could be a giant company for selling ads. But Google is different from your website.

The difference is that Google is not just to get thousands of visitors each day, melakinkan get hundreds of million visitor per day (according to’s WikiAnswers). Google is the most frequently accessed sites around the world (according to Alexa).

In addition to selling ads, Google also has a variety of useful tools (which many people in need) such as Gmail, Google Docs, Blogger, Google Groups, YouTube, etc.

Imagine such a broad network of websites and a lot of Google. And for situs2 I call above, the user (user) must register first (besides YouTube don’t have if you just want to watch the video as the audience)-does Google have their user in the form of email data2 and data2 personally.

(hello … it means they can contact us at any time, and they also can monitor our surfing habits on any site and how long. Not to mention our email that they can know what you know about it so as to display relevant ads in Gmail)

No wonder Google is a corporate giant that could mendpatkan the advantage so great of ad.

Unless you have a network of websites such as Google, or website that is so crowded like Detik.com, with ONLY rely on selling fish in your website, you are not able to get a profit that much, especially for Indonesia market (which is very weak compared to buying powernya negara2 West as US, UK, Canada, Australia).

Not to mention the advertising space plus you can sell on your website. It is not possible in one when you want to sell for example 100 ads space.

With only sells ads, indirectly you send a visitor you (you’ve painstakingly get) to other people to buy their products.

A more profitable way to get a lot more profits is by selling your products.

But don’t expect people will buy your product if they have yet to know who you are. In the virtual world a lot of fraud. People increasingly misgivings buy online, especially if your product is not a product named as BlackBerry, iPhone, or iPad.

Therefore you need to cultivate a relationship with a visitor who is not familiar with you. The trick is to get their email.Now that they want to give their emails to you, (as I often say) give a freebie that is beneficial to them. To get the freebie, they must enter their email because his freebie send via email.

If you want to get maximum profit, juallah your own product and DO NOT JUST rely on selling advertising.

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