The Difficulties in Writing research Paper

Term paper is one type of scientific writing which discusses about a particular theme covered in the scope of a lecture. This paper generally is one of the requirements for completing a course assignment, paper or can be a literature review and can also be a result of activities in the field.
Writing research paper is not an exaggeration because some may initially think. The research paper writing is basically a search on work previously studied by an expert in the field. The only task required that we have to dig their job. Although this task looks so simple but many students have trouble organizing and writing term papers because they failed to conduct research before they determine the general topic of a thesis statement, they failed to provide an appropriate thesis statement, they failed to provide a connection between the thesis statement and topic sentences all in the paper, they fail to support the paper with sufficient information which is only relevant to the topic papers, or they fail to properly cite their sources.
Students often have many various routines; sometimes they also do not have time to complete the term paper writing on campus. Some of the tasks that must be completed are research paper, writing essay and term paper. Some students still complain about a series of activities outside the campus. In the end, they face many difficulties in the selection of essay topics. To ensure high-quality nonfiction and training basic skills is necessary. Such writing skills are not in possession of most of today’s students.
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