The patience in treating kittens

To treat the kittens need extra patience and attention, this is because the kitten is still very sensitive to the outside environment. there are some things that need to be in care:
1. for the first 2 days after birth.
At 2-day-old kitten, owners should be really – really aware of the conditions kitten, this is because the antibodies in the kitten is not maximized. You could say this moment is a critical moment for the kittens. Try the mother may breastfeed her child, this is because the kitten in desperate need of colostrum (antibodies) contained in its mother’s milk. If the parent is not able to breastfeed then the owner should give a cat milk replacement (can be bought in pet shops, but remember that contain colostrum!). Give replacementnya milk every 2 hours.
2. Kitten Aged 1-3 weeks.
At 1 week old kitten umbilical cord had started off so the kitten is rarely “crying” make sure the large and heavy body undergoing significant change. At this age kittens eyes and ears began to open slightly. At this age kittens can be said to have passed the critical period. For owners do not give anything on the kitten, if the parent is able to take care of her own baby, this is done so that the mother cat could use his instincts in caring for their children.
3. 1 month old kitten.
At 1 month old Kitten to say “CONGRATULATIONS” and inshaAllah can survive until adulthood, when this kitten was able to walk and run, even started to play with, Stimulate motion kitten playing with him. teach kitten for defecating on the proper place.
4. 2-month-old kitten.
At the age ikami typically provide cat food brands IAMS or Science diet>. this is because at this cat still needs a lot of nutrients for future growth.
due to dietary factors greatly influence the shape and cat fur. provide vitamins if necessary
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