Nothing Impossible

I once wrote a letter containing the story thanks to parents , and when I decided to show it in the world, it turns out that inspiring encounters of people in Europe, India, Singapore, America, and Indonesia. I’m so thankful and grateful for all the response I can over the letter.

April 30, 2010.

After waiting a long, thrilling, finally passing was announced. I received at the Haas School of Business, University of California Berkeley. It is an achievement and tremendous pride to me as well as both my parents, this achievement is the result of hard work I have been doing for the last 2 years.

5 years ago, no one, not even as well as parents, teachers and my friends who think that I can get into one of the 10 best business schools in America, let alone the Berkeley Haas School of Business. Currently, the school was ranked 2nd in America based on the Best Colleges Specialty Rankings: Best Undergraduate Business Programs.

5 years ago, “A” is just a dream for kids school like me. Most of the values of the nilaiku in school is C, followed by B, and D. My way of learning is very chaotic. In high school, I was just ranked 186 out of 198 students. Which means I got 10% of the lowest rank of the whole school.

Lucky, I had parents who were able to inspire and mengubahku. I can still remember clearly the events of the night. At that time, I returned to Indonesia and was in the room of parents. Both parents sit on the edge of the bed and I sat on the floor. They really look disappointed. That night, they started to make me think about what I want for the future. They are not memarahiku, not yelling at me, nor does it hit me. They only showed disappointment over poor prestasiku in school.

For parents, education is important for the sake of the future. As parents, they have constantly warned me to learn. However, the distance has been separating us-I live in Singapore along with kakak-kakakku, while my parents live in Indonesia to run his business. This of course makes both parents difficulty to keep an eye on us.

With communication only via telephone and sms, certainly it is difficult for both parents to find out if I’m “really learn” if I said was “learning”. It is difficult for them to know that “actually there is no test of” if I said “there are no exams”, and if I really “not currently playing games” if I insist on saying no are playing computer games. They really don’t know how to learn that I apply.

I returned to my room and begin to imagine what kind of life I was living. Then I remembered the tertuaku brother Jerry, about 20 years ago is suffering from cancer. He is still very small at that time, he was only 2 years. Unfortunately, it was both my parents are not wealthy. Then for the sake of the survival of my sister, both of my parents sold the home, car and everything they have for the cost of treatment of Jerry. In fact, after the pursuit of all efforts and has lost a lot of my possessions, my parents still must face the reality of the loss of their first child.

But it never made both parents give up. They indeed have experienced periods of devastated and sad. And, that’s amazing is that they are capable of returning confidence, diligent, and optimistic start a new life.

My father was a graduate of the MBA and my mom holds Bachelor’s degree. But they never become unemployed and poor. They should want to walk far to sell bottled tea and snacks in the market in order to meet the needs of life. Shortly thereafter, they began to open up stalls to eat and remain confident that they will get a brighter future.

Now, after so many years, they finally had a successful business and was able to send their children to the third American to get a better education. If only it was my parents admit defeat and surrenders, certainly at the moment I would have no chance to go to College, or lived under the roof of the House made of bricks, or have a car to be driven.

If only my parents gave up, I’m definitely going to stay on the road and looking for a way to still survive as the typical landscapes that are often encountered on the streets of major cities in Indonesia. At the time my brother Jerry died, they barely have anything, there is no money, car, or home. Not a single one! Except the passion and the drive for change.

The father … mother … If it weren’t for the two of you life-changing your son, I probably would never have had the opportunity personally fulfilling lives. Now, I no longer need to think about food, even my parents provide a car and provide the best education for me.

This is the reason why about 3 years after I was ranked at the bottom 10% in high school, I came to College in America with the principle that nothing is impossible. Indeed, “nothing is impossible” is an obsolete Word-lata, but if you remember the story of my parents who managed to rise after a slump, then those words can be trusted. I’m starting to turn away and had one goal in order to be accepted in one of the best colleges in the world to show gratitude to my love of parents.

I’m not at all daunted even though only 6.8% of the applicants who are accepted into a school child at the Haas School of Business, and extraordinary wishes for success to become one of the factors that got me into one of the seven people received for every 100 applicants.

And now I want to dedicate this to my parents pengakuanku. The most wonderful parents who has changed my life. I don’t know what would be the case without them both. Thank you dad. Thank you mother. I owe very much to you guys and I can’t imagine if I was able to respond.

To his friend who was reading, bear in mind that the circumstances that we have today does not reflect what will happen in the future. As it did on me. I was able to become one of the best though I never ranked at the bottom. I am sure, all of them need encouragement and persistence, the same as an orphan who is known – to successfully ranked the top 5% of her class, though he did not have a desk or a Chair, or even adequate school needs. He only has a burning passion to change the future.

promise it to yourself to get a brighter future!

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