Choosing the Right sunglasses

Wearing sunglasses can indeed add value to one’s appearance in eyewear. However you need to remember what the actual benefits of sunglasses: namely to protect the eyes from the blinding sunlight. Therefore, you must not choose sunglasses in order to looks cool. Make sure the lenses can withstand UV rays completely.

Sunglasses should have a layer of UV protection with protection levels between 99-100% in order to avoid UVA and UVB radiation. Make sure the label UV 400 or 100% UV protection sunglasses printed on.

The color of the sunglasses lens serves to absorb light and help the eyes to avoid glare when exposed to direct sunlight. There are some colors that can be a consideration when choosing a lens. Wearing sun glasses is the easiest way to protect the eyes from the dangers of sun radiation. No need to be expensive when buying a pair of sunglasses, watch types to suit your needs:

  • For everyday use, try colored lenses that can block 70 percent UVB, 20 percent of UVA and 60 percent of incoming light. These glasses are classified into the type of cosmetic glasses.
  • For outdoor recreational purposes such as for example during the tour, a walk in the park, window shopping, select the lens is tinted glasses and a bit dark. Glasses of this type can inhibit 95 percent of UV-B, 60 percent and 60-90 percent UV-A light. Glass eye glass types are grouped into a normal eye. Most of the glasses will fall into these categories.
  • For very bright conditions, when you spend the holiday by going to the beach, enjoy the sunset, playing water sport (sports beach recreation), choose a very dark-colored glasses, with a barrier to UV light. The label should have written these glasses can prevent 99 percent of UV-B, 60 percent and 97 percent UV-A light. Glasses of this type are grouped into types of glasses with special needs

Beside that Polarized lens also serves to reduce the glare caused by reflections from several objects such as water, roads, and some other flat surface. Moreover, it can also be used indoors for those who are sensitive to light, including post-cataract surgery patients. While the photo-chromatic lenses will change the light becomes dimmer when exposed to ultraviolet light.

In addition Sun glasses frames are usually made of plastic, aluminum, titanium, and other basic materials. Before buying, try different types of frames so that you can measure the weight of the most comfortable to wear sunglasses.

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