Walking along the path you find stones, sometimes you stumble with a fall and you irritate. They are for that. You should think about the bad step that gave, recognize the causes and circumstances that you led to the error, not to repeat it. You can stop a time, that is if you need; then, with the help of God, you restart the path.

But you must not take with you the stones. That piece of rock you served for a deliberate purpose only; leave it there, now you useless. Only look forward, watch your steps, discover other stones in front of you, this is not to stumble again, that’s all.
If you occupy to carry with you the stones that you tropezaste, will come a time in which it will be impossible to move forward.

Leave the past behind. Leave the old mistakes, doubts that already dissipated, the bitterness of past the bad moments that were old blame. Past stones, and it is back where it should be forever. If an hour ago you wrong, think of that fact to get him a teaching that limits the risk of again to wander in the same way. But once the reflection aquilatada once the experience goes ahead without reproach, do not stay in that time already was, that’s already happened.

You are looking for the love of God, that nothing can diminish or change, redoubles your delivery and enhances your faith, do grow up you peace and joy that so – and only then – will that last hour have any sense, that error will be served to you to be better.
There is a recurring code at that specific moment of our time on the planet we literally, change of life. The feeling of existential emptiness leads wisely to guess that the path which had already been narrow, ends up close with some gigantic rock only comparable to which they have been carrying in a backpack that buried us. Applies the change, change that?
Everything that apparently makes us unhappy or frustrated, change of partner, change jobs, change of city, change the body, changing the culprit of our dissatisfaction. We continue to believe that persons or facts are guilty of our unhappiness. Some manage to change these external parameters, but are soon tells that the replacements are only occasional pet of which we are still holding in a futile hope that these new elements will lead us to a successful conclusion.

Sai Baba said: “Nothing and no one will never fill your life or make you happy beyond the time in which your mind to strive to believe so.” When the deception is apparent, the same State of unhappiness will return. Nothing and no one will suffice them while not find and live the truth of what you are. Even I, Sathya Sai Baba or any other spiritual teacher will fill their lives until that you do not reach the deepest truth. “Only you can complete yourself”.
It is a crude facility change of places and people, instead the deep, purifying, defiant simplicity, of real growth, leave the burdens of the past that resonate lethal daily becoming ill emotions and bodies, and the desires and expectations that unrealistic future compensate us the suffering experienced with any achievements, loves and havens.
A thousand times we must say that the past is over and the future does not exist. There never is a completely unreal space within the confines of a mind you need to escape the responsibility to grow, change and know only when they can do it: YA MISMO. The change of life we all want in one or more moments only happen already nobody come and go, only getting ourselves to our own truth.

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