A Treasure Map

Short stories begins when there is a grown man was walking on the beach. The beach is very beautiful like the coast of bali. The man then sees a glass bottle. The man picked it up and noticed there was a piece of paper in a jar. He then pulls the Cork stopper bottles and find that the paper turned out to be a treasure map. But the man doesn’t believe it, so he put a treasure map that was back in the bottle, clog the bottle, and threw the bottle into the sea.

Moments later, another adult man was walking on the beach and saw a bottle of it. He also picked up the bottle, open it, and find a treasure map. These people are quite curious with these treasures. He tried to walk toward the place shown on these maps, which is about 30 meters into the middle of the sea. But when sea water reached a height of thigh, he decided to quit. “It’s just a trap!” he said. So he rushed back to the coast and dumped bottles of it back into the sea

Moments later a third adult men walk on the beach and looking glass bottles floating in the water it. He picked up, open it, and find a map. He also wondered whether much treasure that is mentioned in the map. “Hmm, this map is quite promising.” he said, “I’ll be trying to find this treasure!” He then rented a boat and go to the indicated map.

After arriving in the place indicated map, he saw that looked something under water that resembles a treasure chest. He was then in the body itself into the sea and diving toward the shiny object. But it turns out it’s far more locations in the coffin of his estimate. He was almost run out of breath. He then rushed back to the boat and give up. Then the bottle contains a map that was taken, closed, and then dilemparkannya back to the sea.

After that, there’s a grown man again stroll on the waterfront. Like the previous guy, he also sees the bottle it, open it, and find a treasure map. He was very eager to find treasures. He saw there is a boat on the beach and he then used a boat to go to the indicated map.

After arriving at the place in question, he then self in the body into the sea and diving toward to the treasure chest. But it turns out it was the location of the crate and his breath is unlikely to be menjangkaunya. Then he decided to return to the boat. He then returned to the beach and diving equipment hire. Then he was paddling his boat back to the treasure. With the complete diving equipment he again dived to the treasure chest and took him to the boat. His eyes berbinar-binar when looking at the treasure chest filled with gold and diamonds.

Success is the combination of opportunities, confidence, effort, and strategy. ^^


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