Shiny Green Dollar Plant

Latin names of plants that are known plant dollar is Zamioculcas zamifolia. Coming from the continent of Africa, in Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar. These plants include plants that don’t need much water. In its original habitat, Zamioculcas dry grasslands with rocky soil. This makes the nature of the original plant was no hassle in her treatment.

The highlights of Zamioculcas zamifolia or the dollar tree this is the leaves which have the characteristic of the leaves grow along the stem is paralleled with the distance that some distance from one leaf to another leaves. This is one reason why the dollar tree. The leaves are thick, as it contains a lot of water, green colored leaves old shiny. The number of leaves that grow there are not many. Another attraction is the base of the stem which can be enlarged so as to form a unique bonggol.

As one of the indoor plants, this dollar tree can live indoors that minimal sunshine. To decorate a room, You can place this plant in a room for 2-3 days. After being in the room during this period, flush with a little water and let it exposed to the Sun during 3 hours. Subsequent plants could be put in the back room.

That leaves more visible Interestingly, You can use a tissue to wipe the leaves have been colourless. Occasionally, you can try to wash the leaves by using milk which has been colourless in tissues. Milk can make leaves look more shiny.

Zamifolia is a Zamioculcas planting Media sabut coconut charcoal and compost plus crude by comparison. Another option is to use media smooth fern as his planting media.

Anatinus plant is quite easy and there are many different ways. First, you can try to do the leaf cuttings. In this way is unique because it is only a small portion of plants that can be dikembangbiakan denngan this way. Leaves of an old one with a length of 5-10 cm infused a portion into a planting media is media fern. The leaves will be formed bonggol after 2-3 months. After reaching 4-5 months, the plant was ready to move.

The second way is by stem cuttings. Cut the stems of the plant as long as 15 cm and then planting in planting media. The rod would developed and overgrown leaves. The third way is done by way of separating the child from its mother. If the child is already visible plant reaches a height of 20-30 cm, plants can be disassembled and separate people in other places.

Dollar Tree can beautify your garden. Shiny green colour of plants dollar adds to the beauty of the garden or in your room.

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