Positivity, overcome fear

We all want to live happily, but when something goes wrong, we tend to the negativity. Overcome this trend is found out and avoid further pain and fear.
We have heard of positivism, optimism and negativity. The first two words suggest something desirable and we all want to put into practice, but come the moment – when problems arise – is more difficult than it appeared. In Exchange, the third word, negativity, installs this concept in our mind without us noticing, despite how much that repels us.

If something is twisted in our life, it is common and almost unconscious to think that everything can be worse, that this circumstance has damaged our existence for long time, we can not see satisfactory solutions, right? That is what makes the negative thoughts in our minds. Therefore, we must learn to dispose of them, and the first step is to not give them the power to believe them and, on the other hand, think that they are only thoughts, neither more nor less. They are only ideas, not our real destiny.

Overcome the drama
Faced with a difficult or painful situation, it should ideally be able to overcome the trend, so human, increase suffering installing drama. A loss, whether of a loved one, a job, or a material good is already sufficiently excruciating to add more pain. Avoid this gets realizing us that our mind compels us to feel us victims, and that only in our hands is to allow it.

A disaster is a fact of life, on the other hand inevitable in every life. It is natural to feel pain, sadness, helplessness, and any other feeling that lead these bitter situations; but we must not let those moments mark our existence or we will collapse, for our good and for the sake of those who surround us.

The doctor and lecturer on leadership and personal growth Mario Alonso Puig says about negative thinking: “Been demonstrated in various studies that a minute entertaining negative thoughts leaves the immune system in a delicate situation for hours”. And he explains that this is because “the distress, the feeling of permanent strain, produces very striking changes in the functioning of the brain and in the hormonal… constellation” It has the ability to damage the memory and learning neurons in the hippocampus. “And affects our intellectual capacity because it leaves no blood flow of brain areas necessary to make appropriate decisions.”

Optimism and positivism
As opponents of the previous negative situation we think optimism and positivism. They often confuse these two words as synonyms, but they are not in reality. Being optimistic is thinking that everything will go well, by fact, which slightly reduces the desire for improvement, because they believe not so necessary. The positivist, on the other hand, what it does is believing in their ability to overcome without anticipate a satisfactory outcome.

No one knows the outcome of situations that they play live, we have already said that it should not imagine major disasters or be carried away by frustration and discouragement, but by the same token, we must not sit idly by feel optimistic, hoping that things will fix themselves.

Positivism encourages us to work constantly and excited to overcome a bad time, optimally managing every phase of grief, suffering, or feeling of personal failure that generate us our setbacks in life.

Give us of frustration or fear of the future to not let us move forward and are useless and harmful, it is to start walking toward positivism.

Thinking positively
Eckhart Tolle, renowned spiritual teacher, lecturer and author of works such as “The power of the now” or “A new Earth”, makes this reflection: “any other form of life on the planet knows negativity, only human beings, so that any other way violates and poisons the Earth that sustains.” Have we seen once a flower unhappy or stressed oak? “The unique animals, or beings that may reflect some neurotic problem are those who live near humans, who have been connected with the human mind and its madness.”

Like the rest of living beings, we are not born negative, we learn to be. The disappointments, the disappointments, the errors themselves or others, lead us to a State of inner anger, discouragement or emotional pain which our mind tries to defend anticipating the worst, or by creating bad feelings. But that is nothing more than a bad reaction, a wrong unconscious mechanism. Everyone can deal with the lives of more balanced way, avoiding letting us take by the pessimism of our emotions or thoughts.

After any problem there is always a solution, we need only clarity of ideas and that our mind does not collapse – or be distracted – with toxic emotions. Strengthen our positive thoughts, support us in whom we love and encourage us and take the road to overcome any crisis is what will change our lives.

Because only we ourselves can change our attitude towards life, and she responds accordingly.

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