Perfectly Flawless

Flawless? perfect? Hmm … Maybe it is you’re looking for or even be a goal of one’s life. People who the entrepreneurial or start small business, of course want to trade business is running perfectly and can bring wealth. An artist always look forward to all of his work also can perfectly flawless. Perfectionists are often referred to as properties attached to a person who always wanted everything perfect. But what perfection it? Maybe some array of stories below could be a little to give meaning or can at least give an idea of the attainment of excellence including the effect of it. .. ^^


Good night bro …!

I don’t know how first, but obviously I always wanted everything perfect. I want anything that is in the bumps are always flawless. ‘ Good ‘ is still not enough, there must be something which makes it looks ‘ incredible ‘. The bottom line, there is no word ‘ standard ‘ in the kamusku, all have to be perfect.

Once I delete a file and immediately do the empty recycle bin on a file Photoshop just because I do not find something extraordinary in design. In fact, I’ve been working on it for days. Have also spontaneously I immediately throw away makananku just because pembantuku forgot to put pepper in my favorites fried chicken.

Work perfectly, or not at all!

Gradually, I changed to a claimant. I wish everyone could follow prinsipku. Somehow, how many times the guardian worked me completely disintegrate due to the rigors of my heart. But I’m not giving up. Anyway, everyone always praised the perfection karya-karyaku.

But what happened? I’m getting lonely here. All members of the guardian-ku is afraid and submit it with all my order, but I’m starting to realize that none of those who respect I – there is not even from those who are dear to me. I’m starting to feel ‘ yourself ‘. Everything like he was going to leave me. When I cry, I feel all are mentertawakanku. And when I laugh, none are willing to laugh with me. Life and my heart became very sad.

In the middle of keterpurukanku, and along with kedewasaanku, I realized that indeed there is not always perfect. It turns out, it took a very long and painful lesson to understand that perfection is not without blemishes.

I’m starting to learn, that perfection is all about accepting imperfections itself. Perfect is the ability to accept imperfections as part of the perfection. Perfection is when we can be pervasive in the heart of a person to find a Pearl among the Pack-wrapper which is full of defects. Perfection is when we can understand the wound as the texture of life. That’s the true perfection … that’s what I get out of this slump.

Yes, those times that it has already passed the concentrated. I’ve been able to understand it all now. Yes, I am indeed still a perfectionist, I still insist to make design and produce the best ideas, I still collect the latest gadgets and making sure what ditanganku is always modern, and I’m still making sure no stain at all on the screen monitorku.

But there is a change right now, I’m not hurting anyone else because my wish, I will not sacrifice the interests of, happiness, let alone other people’s lives to the pursuit of kepuasanku. And more than that, I have learned to accept others and especially myself … that is also not perfect …

OK, Bro.. Hopefully you can learn from it all … greetings for you ..!

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