The perfect heart

hati sempurnaThere is a story of love, one day a child sleeping and dreaming of JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL. In his dream, as if everyone could see the shape of a heart on the chest of others including his own heart. At first glance, he is highly admires and astonished with this atmosphere. Then, it turned its gaze to the JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL in his own, he is very proud of when looking at his heart-shaped pink intact and sparkle. “The perfect Heart” he said, “not unblemished and Immaculate”.

He then stepped out. He began to observe the hearts of those around him. There is a beautiful rose up like hers, there are wounds, there is a large, small, and so on. “Wow, unbelievable …” he said. The JUNIOR boys makin sure that hatinyalah is the most perfect because he did not see any heart that is more beautiful than hers.

The views of the child is fixated on seeing JUNIOR an old lady who used the headscarf. The old lady was almost invisible face. That old woman with a very large but amorphous. JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL children’s wonder why countless holes pierced in the hearts of people. He walked over towards the old lady and asked him.

“Why does your heart like that? Why not take the form of perfect and wonderful as mine? ” He said half the show off.
For the woman, “maybe because you still haven’t too junior and understand the world.”

The old woman continued, “Everytime I love someone, I’m prying this heart I give to him and. Similarly, if I help someone, there is always a heart kubagi in splinters. First, when I was young and hanging out with many friends, my heart teriris-iris due to kubagi on a lot of friends. When I started to get married and have children, my heart was almost depleted tersayat-sayat to understanding husband and parenting. “

“But, there is a moment where people are also starting to split the heart in me. They also learn to slicing her heart to close every wound in my heart until reams, that is why my heart was several times greater than your heart, even if not longer. Indeed, not all of them want to do so, that’s why still many gaping holes in the heart of this. Now, who is more beautiful? my heart or your heart? “

The child SCHOOL was stunned for a long time. He began to realize that the old woman’s heart is much more perfect than his heart. Injuries, disabilities, and the number of patches in the hearts of women was thus making it more beautiful and bigger than hers. Each its hole as if talking about love and sincerity in life suffered. For a moment, the child SCHOOL began observing the old woman’s face. He is aghast when the old woman turned out to be his own.


Yes! Love is a chance to gouges your hearts … but the greatest heart always born from the greatest love. ^^


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