Mental happiness

Mental happiness is a State of peace in which there are no disorders or violence.
Internal peace creates faith in intellect.The flute of happiness sounds so soft and constant in the minds of those who have this faith, i.e. who have reached the wisdom of spiritual knowledge. No matter how adverse or difficult a situation that may be, there is no fear, because the power of faith ensures a final victory.

Is the happiness that that all so deseamos… it possible to really be completely happy? In my opinion, because when we do something, we want immediately, because the human being is the eternal dissatisfied, the more we have, more we do not want. But, the mental happiness is possible?, this does not mean not having concerns or sadness. Mental happiness comprises have sorrows, things which they think, “happy” moments, all kinds of sensations that allow you to live the emotional edge, knowing what you have in your head, dominate your mind at any time.

Alomejor with this description the people may think that having sadness concerns, “striped” is not be happy… but think about it coldly all these diseases are the result that really live, because it is too easy to always take the straight road, the road passing through the no makes you have complications and move from one place to another completely sterile of emotions. All this is infused by the fear of the people to live, to feel things, to have emotions and that disturbs her “normal” life, fear that this way can produce sensations or feelings that flood that “empty” life history. It is such fear to fail in some people who decide to mentally locked into a room to isolate themselves from everything and protect new experiences which basically know fill them life.

To the intellect is lightened with spiritual wisdom, there are fewer changes of mood and less questions on the heart.
A person becomes more able to settle their accounts of pain and suffering when it maintains an account healthy of happiness. In a world in which all relationships have happiness and suffering, the main lesson to be learned about

Happiness is prosperity that comes from the autosoberanía. Autosoberanía means having dominion over the mind, intellect, personality trends and the physical senses of the body, be complete with all the powers and all the virtues, as well as the balance between male and female characteristics. There is a State of perfection in every human soul. In the spiritual pursuit of that perfection, the intellect goes through a process of rediscovery of his divine nature.
Happiness is priceless. Happiness is cannot buy, sell or negotiate. The happiness the get those whose actions, attitudes and characteristics are pure and disinterested.

In other words, the quality of the consciousness and activities of persons determine the wealth of his life.
However, the social, economic and political stability are considered sources of happiness and enjoyment in life but when any of these areas does not work, decreases the level of happiness in people. When all these resources are focused on socio-economic infrastructures, to the detriment of the development of the moral and spiritual character of the people, it changes the order of priorities in life and happiness decreases gradually. The moral and spiritual values helps reevaluate priorities and allow proactive and preventive action to be taken at the appropriate time.

The road to happiness is littered with golden opportunities. For each step there is guaranteed a return of untold wealth.
Actions taken along the way become the pen to draw lines of fortune.
There is a greater happiness among people who travel together the way and through collective action, trace the lines of fortune on the living stage of the world…

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