The Meaning Of The Companions

 tory of teenagers originated as a HIGH SCHOOL kid named Rafi was sitting on the porch of his home. Suddenly he saw the teen peers are riding the bike then fell fell right in front of his home. The contents of the plastic bags were spilled and youth to be ejected outward. Without long thinking, Rafi soon helped him. Rafi helped him stand and collect his belongings scattered on the road. Insect sprays, rope, and a few other goodies that finally brought a teenager has been entered into the plastic bag again. Rafi also see feet that hurt, then youth Rafi asked him to stop by for a bit so that the wound can be treated. ABG was agreed, and the child they both enter the House.

Inside the House, Rafi chatting with a child with a HIGH SCHOOL it was discovered that the named Ridwan. A long time ago Rafi chatting to Ridwan, they become familiar in an instant, perhaps because of their age are almost the same. They talk about school, hobbies, teachers, and other things that are usually teenage told HIGH SCHOOL. Since that event, they both become familiar and friendly with each other.

When the HIGH SCHOOL graduation, the child’s story continues … abg the young men received at the same University. Their friendship was more closely. To not feel, the time of graduation arrived. A few days before graduation Ridwan meet Rafi, their as-usual and chatted with each other.

“Hey, Rafi!” said Ridwan, “know ye not that if ye man helping me in the past, perhaps forever I will not know you. You are indeed terbaikku’s best friend. “

“Haha. usual ajalah. Lha emangnya why, anyway? ” Rafi reply asked.

“I’m sorry if I’ve never told me about this. Times of our initial meeting is a critical time in my life. ” Ridwan began telling stories, “my father’s Time, effort, she broke many coiled retractable debt. While my mother was in fact run with another man. I’m always so emotional father of victim. That time I was disappointed with them and wanted to commit suicide. “

Ridwan continued his story, “However, the time after buying poison insects as well as ropes to suicide, sepedaku even slip in front of your House and you man helping me. Familiarity and ketulusanmu that time it seemed as if told me that there are still many good people in the bumps. I feel myself again this time. I see there is hope. Canda and sikapmu made me cancel the intention to kill myself. Thanks, bro! whether consciously or not, you have saved nyawaku. “


Take a moment to smile at one of the people who do not you know it. ..  Maybe a smile that could be the only rays for their Sun began to darken. ^^


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