It recognizes behavior conditional change ? ?

Survives the strongest of the species, nor the most intelligent, but that better responds to the change.

How many times we have found in an annoying, difficult or painful situation and do little or nothing to change it?
How do many times piensamos there is nothing to do, or it is better not to risk?
The fear of change is our main obstacle to improve our self-esteem and life in general. Many times it happens that we are left with what is known, that gives the impression of security and stability, but we are suffering. And this fear which prevents us from us away from relationships or problematic and difficult situations. You can’t work to improve our self-esteem. Or fight for our well-being. The fear of change includes fear to fail, succeed, to compromise, to miss certain things or privileges, rejection, etc.

What can we do?
This is the best time to act. “If you are looking for different results, not do always the same”.(A.E.)
Remember that change is a slow process. It’s like planting the seed of a tree. You need to care for her and slowly emerges the plant until that one day you volteas see a strong and beautiful tree.
“Our way of thinking is the key to change”
Meditate and discovers your fears, which is its true origin and confront them and heal them. (Think about everything that you’re losing by let rule by fear or ideas that may be exaggerated or wrong.)
Learn how to discover the absences that inhabit you, eg. If you angry be waiting and Queuing for something, you know you have a lack of patience, and she does that you again you overwhelmed and complaining, and may be that you get to feel fear to go to a place by fear to row.
It polarizes these absences and that you you discouraged and want to return to your previous behavior, thinks that, even if it is uncomfortable or difficult at the moment, you are building the foundations for a life better.

Why imagine if you can imagine the best worst thing?
Keep this in mind, the image of what you are going to achieve and how you will feel.
Remember that you are the owner of your thoughts.
You generate and you can change them by others.
And when we change our way of thinking, change our feelings, behaviors and life in general.

Develop your strength of will, learn to handle the lack of motivation and low tolerance to frustration and facing the fear of change, failure and success

Every human being has been conditioned to think and behave in a certain way, conditioned both genetically and by their children’s experiences and their cultural environment.

It is not that human beings as well, but this is how it is presented. When you make a judgment on someone, confuse conditioned mental patterns with …esa person is. This action in itself denotes a deeply unconscious and conditional pattern. You give that person a conceptual identity, and that false identity becomes a prison not only for her but also for you.

Avoid the trial does not mean ignore what the other does; It means recognizing that their behaviour is a form of conditioning; It means see it and accept it as is, without building an identity for that person from the conditioning.

That frees you from you and the other person’s identification with conditioning, shaped, with the mind. Then the ego does not already apply your relationship.

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