How to get broadband (restrictive) beliefs you?

A few days ago I received a mail from Monique. She wrote that she is presented with the idea that they are worth nothing and nothing of what they can.

Limiting beliefs?

A limiting belief is a false faith that you are as a result of an erroneous conclusion in a given situation. You often limiting beliefs as a child at home. “I know no better ‘ and ‘ I am now once his much heard the cries.”

What are your limiting beliefs?

What are your thoughts on the research. The first step is always to be aware of something, in the case of your beliefs.

Sign limiting belief once. think so sayings that you previously heard for example: If you were born for a penny word you never a penny or I had a much better job if I had finished my school, I have never had luck etc…

The problem of limiting beliefs.

The biggest problem of limiting beliefs, it is that you are limited by life, as you have. You live below your potential.

Have you ever been in circus? Then you have set for the elephants. Why they put this large heavy beasts not ring? An elephant is delivered with the circus and gets shot heavy legs. First he tries the ball (or rope) of his legs off, but then he thinks that he cannot and will not try more.

Where come from limiting beliefs?

Above, I wrote that a limiting belief comes from the experience of a particular experience. You have won the beliefs in your youth, school, etc. However, friends you also stop. When I started the formation of the coach said there is a lot of people against me: “there may be nothing, everyone now is coach,” etc…

The media, friends, family and people with whom we are dealing with you can continue to feed with limitation of. that belief that you are aware.

A limiting belief affect your behavior?

Yes, a limiting belief has certainly affect your behavior. Where you think you will find. Do you believe that you don’t like it then you (UN) awareness of the people also seek evidence that the people that you don’t like it. Walk you in the city and of knowledge you runs to say goodbye without you will be immediately the button deal and you: “I am not quite cute because x said no farewell”. In my training that I give for example that the Sun might be appeared. “Why” is generally applied. The person may have against the Sun awaiting you and have not seen. It is also of the approach, but because you already have the belief that you are not comfortable, you will not think.  Filter you information based on your faith.

How to change limiting beliefs?

If a friend told you that you can lift something not because it is much too heavy weight that I have the following questions for you:

* Have you personally tried to lift? So you are sure that you can lift or you simply the opinion of the other?

* Who told you that it weighs so heavy?

* Where is the evidence?

Your friend tell you that it is too heavy, but perhaps he says this because he is too heavy for him and that does not mean that you are too heavy. Conviction of a person is not your belief.

Try it yourself! Don’t go just out of sight of another. If indeed fails to lift. Don’t give up! Try to find someone who can help with a way of lifting. A limiting belief that you may not change if you do not complete yourself, you is wrong. Continue to take measures to prove you that the belief is incorrect.

Limiting beliefs you cannot live as you want and to ensure that you have a feeling rotten. A big difference between people in confidence and without self-confidence is that people with confidence in the detection limiting belief and change.

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