How to be happy

Do all we have asked , really? Well, since before our birth are signs that allow us to know in that State are the emotions. I invite you to look at a child not yet expressed with words, that one of their means of communication are the emotions. A child express their emotions freely and without prejudice, if this happy laughs with great euphoria if something he dislikes can notice his great discomfort in the expression of his face and the position of their hands. I say that we must learn to see the world with magnifying glass, because when it is done we will understand many things not only happen around us but in our interior. Without a doubt the man is dominated by emotions or the man dominates their emotions. Something I am sure, and it is every historic event, such as the freedom of peoples, countries, foundations, our profession, businesses and the establishment of the family is due to something emotional.

The question is now your emotions are spontaneous or are deliberate? We observe something some or many people often tell me Leonardo, but as I do to be happy with all the problems of the day, with all the people who are ami around and material shortages.

I’ll tell something happiness as a State of mood is a decision or you decide to be happy or sad. When your so decide at the time you do you’ll that you’ll be more aware of your emotions, you will find when you walked away from the happiness, you will also realize how to recover the State of a self-control that I encourage you’ll build transfer you anger carried each day be better, in every moment and aspect of your life. It is important to keep things in mind if you decide to be in this state of spirit, and we realize that what you can change your States of encouragement are the things that you don’t like or that you dislike people in their and that will say it so in certain situations. For example, when people must pay outstanding bills or invoices for services at the moment the happiness was and I get another unpleasant emotion is there where you decide whether you’ll still happy let you affect something like you’ll play pay, because the invoice or account payable must pay you’re happy or you are brave and as her going to pay? I imagine that you pay it happy. As you can see the moods are also determined and deliberate. Now you must understand that everything in life is practical and decide. will not be enough need to start being aware of your emotions and be learning to discern what arises and there are in your home.

The emotion of happiness, must also be practiced so when something we wants to snatch have the ability to maintain it. Since the start the road to happiness starts telling me phrases, every morning I wake up and before get out of my bed I say: you’re happy, you’re too happy and nothing remove me my happiness. And these phrases I repeat them throughout the day every time I remember or feel that something seizes me my happiness. At certain times when they are unpleasant moments simply not only what I say but I guess or I visualize I imagine very happy and smiling, I imagine the smile of those who are ami around, I imagine my family very, very happy, doing things that I like and as our brains do not recognize between reality and fiction and so what I imagine or alive for my brain is the sameso back to my state of happiness. So we want to be happy? I’ll tell every emotion that we bring us more of what we live, so people that every time are living happy with more happy, why people living high States of depression that is what comes: more depression. And every emotion creates changes in our reality and our daily life since according to the emotion that we will be our way of thinking and acting. Why anyone who decides to be happy and keep happy not only attracts more happiness but that every day you get hits, that all its decisions are taken steps with the emotion of happiness and I assure you that if you live so you’ll never have bad decisions.

It is important to remember that the universe is governed by universal laws, Albert Einstein would say nothing happens until something moves. As well as us with our States of encouragement, when we are happy changes everything in us our brain produces another type of substances which makes you change your body chemistry, and changing the chemistry also changes each atomic particle in us, and is this vibration or molecular motion which we are every day to our universe and therefore the will respond in the same way, why more happy we are more happy we are. Really each excited acts in our body by creating, just look at your about looks than the majority of people with terminal illnesses and especially cancers them possess people with emotions of anger and rage, produced by revenge and envy. When a person feels anger your brain creates thousands of substances that change the activity of our Organization, creating holding in the stomach of many stomach problems as a home for thousands of health problems. Now tell me few heart stoppages occurred because of the ira. As well as these States of mind carry disease and death. The emotion of happiness attracts our interior health, happiness and success.

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