He decides to be a positive person

The humor is like a compass that sets the balance of our State of mind. We say that he has sense of humor who makes us laugh, tells jokes, spends jokes or is nonsensical or absurd situations are for the most serious side. But these are only some manifestations, that enjoy good humour involves much more than that. It is to look at life with a philosophy proper, based on the acceptance of the reality.

For its part, be negative is a vital attitude that can harm our health, our relationships and our work. If see you all black you distrust everything and you take daily tasks as unpleasant and not likely to do well and with enthusiasm, you need to change your way of seeing things and your way of working. It develops the sense of humor and learn how to put “serious” Affairs of this life. A positive interpretation is the symptom of humor and emotional intelligence.

The good humor us pound of naive optimismos and catastrophic pessimisms. Leads us to have a healthy realism even in the face of the own limitations or shortcomings of others. It is an unequivocal sign of maturity and experience and involves having sense of reality and an understanding that predisposes us to fit the events and look at them with a benevolent smile.

Often review the following list of strategies to turn you into a positive person and with sense of humor.

He decides to be happy
Don’t depend on your circumstances or attitudes of others happiness. The circumstances are a mirror that reflects you happy or unhappy face with which you afrontas. Keep in mind that happiness is a decision not a fate.

It changes your life to change the world
You not empeñes so hard in change the world or people, even if they are your family, or think they have the key to achieve this. Do not you trust both plans, methods and structures, it may be the beginning of your despair. Trafficking, peace of mind, change yourself and what depends on you and the other iras noticing changes.

Take you less seriously
Laugh with your caricature. Neither your qualities are so extraordinary, nor your so harmful defects. Take a little joke. Do not despair if your life you do not leave so perfect and so round as you soñabas. The important thing is to be a living person that passes by the life feeling part of it, you’re better than you think but you’re worse for what you dream.

Simplify your life
Get rid of all superfluous that surrounds you, ordering your life and your stuff, surround yourself with a cheerful and comfortable atmosphere, put in your about things that you like. But you not obsession with “order and cleanliness” in your relationships and your House; nothing happens because we not pleases to all those who surround us or because the bed stays without making.

Make life easier and more pleasant, you’re not all day awaiting the details, almost maniac form, so that each thing is your site perfectly placed both your life and your home…

Not seek perfection in everything
Life is full of changes and contrasts. Love perfection may involve hate life. There is something wrong in everything that is good and in everything bad is good. Discover it! Do not forget that one of the things that defines us as human beings have limitations, take advantage of your mistakes to learn and improve, even allow you joke about them.

It monitors your outward appearance
All possess some appeal. Accepts your physical and take advantage of promoting it, dressed in a simple and comfortable with yourself. Take you a bit of time, from time to time, to enjoy a shower and has been fixed in a natural way. The beauty that we feel in our interior is a true reflection of what they see those who surround us.

Put your questions to the day
The day put the roles of the Bank, the invoices, the revision of the car… things you have pending. Upgrade and free yourself from the tasks that you always leave for later and that do not produce you more than a nagging anxiety, a feeling of ineffectiveness and overwhelmed.

You do not infravalores
No you are constantly comparing you with others. Get a list of your best qualities and review it often. If you do not feel capable of doing so ask for help a loved one.

Control your emotions
Keep in cold blood before a problem. If you have solution is why worry? And if it does, what for? It develops the ability to understand emotions, they protect you, informs you that something is not working and you have to do something to get out of this situation. Control your impulses and tries to remain calm and optimistic face adversity. Difficulties are a challenge to your capacity and produces a great personal satisfaction to overcome them.

Check your daily to go to bed
Be positive requires a degree of monitoring. It is not realistic to think that, by applying all the steps to make life easier and have a positive attitude will be maintained automatically. Many of us have old habits that are difficult to eradicate, so he spends a few minutes when you’re in bed to “look” to the day, the attitude you’ve maintained and ask yourself if you feel satisfied with it; gives you good night, and marks an improvement goal for the next day.

Wake you up with optimism
Your perception of time that will begin to be more positive: “I will perform my tasks well, I’m going to enjoy this day”. Try not charging you unnecessary tasks, learn how to distinguish what is important is not so much.
Relax and spread positive energy
Search every day some quiet moments, without noise, without haste. Sit or lie you and breathe deep, at the expiration of the air, imagines a gray cloud that you expulsas the negative of your interior: tensions, anger, fatigue, the prisas…

To inspire air, imagine that a bright light fills you up an energy which is calm, serenity, the self-confidence, courage, willpower and success in life.

Learn how to smile

Children we laugh with naturalness, but gradually, we lose that ability to make us adults. Seems to be that, when most rampant is our life, most us away from our ability to laugh and have fun. Happily, laughter, such as cycling, is something that becomes to learn easily.

He thinks that the smile makes you feel good and that others feel welcome, is associated with the emotional state of well-being and happiness. It reduces stress, relieves tension and soothes the angry heart.

Believes in leisure

Believes in the value of leisure, not only in the business (meaning “not entertainment”). Try to not be those who can not lose a minute. Learn to believe in the useless, in free and unproductive, the idle also. And the silence and spontaneity.

Respect others and you will comply with

People love not implies the imposition of their own values to people that we want to. You have to respect the right of every individual to have his own point of view and make their own decisions.

No hunting for the approval and applause

It is at your own discretion. Live and let live. Try that possible criticisms and unrelated comments on your person do not undermine your self-esteem. The person who best knows you’re yourself. Others can see you and judge you very differently to how you do it.

It relativises the exercises

Don’t take too seriously these exercises, as if they were the only solution to your life. You do not culpabilices if not you meet them at the foot of the letter, because you loose the humor.

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