Folklore: Watermelon Gold

This week, I try to post a legend in the middle of the forest a collection of stories which often presented stories of inspiration. Indeed, the sequence of the text below (perhaps) more fittingly called the children’s stories – his lover was very simple. But, I found a lot of relevance to the thrilling wheel life adult human … ^^

In the area of Borneo is said to have lived two brothers. Call it the name Muzakir and benefactor. Two brothers have a very different nature. Muzakir known as people are stingy, while Generous magnanimous. Some times the memicingkan eye and satirical Muzakir when looking at a generous share of his money to the poor, but the generous has never ignored it. “Sorry, I just want to help.” that’s all for a generous when the elder started being nosy.

A few years later, the generous trade businesses went bankrupt. Generous in poorer while the rich are always incremented Muzakir. Muzakir is very pleased to hear the news of the fall of business benefactor. He has won this competition. Muzakir argues that its bankruptcy due to Generous deeds alone are too weak and easy-to-sorry for the people.

One day, a small bird found Benefactors has been dropped in front of his home. Unsustainable levels of Generous directly picked it up and treat the wound. He is really caring and loving birds. Shortly, these birds can fly again. Benefactors did remove it with joy.

A few days later the bird back to the home of Philanthropist and dropped a watermelon seeds. After being thanked, Generous and planting watermelon seeds. The lapse of a few months that melon fruit. Fruit only one but big, roughly equal to the stretch of the hands of adults. Generous and membelahnya. Surprise when he saw that big watermelon seeds contain full of gold and diamonds.

With a feeling of overflowing demonstrative benefactor collects gold jewel it is. He used it to pay off hutang-hutangnya and rebuild its trading business. Benefactors became wealthy beyond his older brother. Benefactors also remain helpful and always put aside his earnings to the poor.

Muzakir extremely jealous with this. He then sent a chopstick to injure the birds are flying. Birds are exposed to these then fall and blowguns Muzakir helped him. Muzakir do things exactly as Benefactors. After the birds were recovered, nor take it off again. Muzakir

A few days later the birds return to the home of Muzakir and dropping the watermelon seeds. These seeds are then planted Muzakir and hope the future will bear fruit watermelon full gold jewels as belonging to the benefactor. But what happened? After the watermelon, watermelon fruit and divided it in fact removing the mud that is endless. The sludge is then buried treasure and all belongings Muzakir.


Every young man would do well to remember that all successful business stands on the foundation of morality … ^ ^ (Henry Ward Beecher)


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