Flowers for Mom

That morning, a man looking down from a car luxurious leather seats. He intended to buy a gift for the shopping complex. Tomorrow is mother’s day, and he intends to purchase and send you a gift in the mail to his mother in the village. A mother who ever he lives off a few years ago to go to College, earning a living, and the pursuit of success in this great city. The steps the man was stalled in front of a flower shop. He sees a beautiful girl. It turns out, the girl is the younger brother of self-government during the lecture first. The girl looks were staring at flagging series of beautiful flowers in window dressing. The eyes are clearly visible Central glassy, his tears want to melt away, like going to cry.

After the story then chanted, the man then asked “what is it you? What’s with the flowers? “

“I want to give one set of roses to my mom,” pretty girl it continues, “my whole life, I have yet to deliver the flowers as beautiful as it is for the mother.”

“Why don’t you buy it? This is great, kok. ” The man’s story while also observing one bouquet of flowers.

“My money is not enough.”

“Yes, just choose one, I will pay it.” The man was offered with a smile.

Finally the girl take one bouquet of flowers. Accompanied the man, the girl and then headed for the cashier. The man was also offered drove the girl went home to deliver flowers to his mother. The girl was willing.

The two men then drove the car using led to a place indicated by the girl. Heart of man is aghast when the girl turned out to take him to a public cemetery complex.

After having parked the car, the man then followed the steps of the girl. Very touched the girl then put garlands of flowers to the tomb of his mother. A mother who has never seen the girl for the rest of his life. It’s mother died while giving birth to the girl.

See the incident, after delivering the girl returned home, the man dropped its intention to purchase and send gift for his mother.

Noon, successful youth immediately spurred his car. .. return to kampungnya. to see the face of mother who he’ve longed for this long. .. to prostrate under his feet and hugged tightly body and heart lembutnya …


For the companions. especially the prospective mother, motherhood, and specific to my mother in heaven … I say “Happy Mother’s day” … ^ ^ hopefully this can make the story of mother emasmu remains as strong as steel. and keep an ocean airmu..


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