The Enchantment Of Beauty Tip Of The Roof Tile

The Tile located in Sukabumi, West Java. To get there it takes about 6 to 7 hours from Jakarta. Mamang time. A distance of more than 200 kilometres plus State road that hasn’t been too kind to make it takes quite a long time to reach the End Tile.

There are beaches in this area was the South coast of Java, which is the coast of the Indian Ocean. However, due to the existence of the reefs at sea before coast make waves big coming split, so that the waves at the beach is not too large. Sea water is still clear so you can enjoy the scenery of the beach and satisfied to enjoy the crystal clear water. In fact you can look at coral reefs and beautiful fishes are colorful without having to dive or snorkel. This beach is also a very appropriate place to enjoy a sunset or sunrise.

Another attraction of the coast of The Isthmus is the existence of a natural aquarium. You can see the fish are colorful trapped in pits on the beach. The waves which swept the coast, sometimes carrying this beautiful fish to shore and occupy holes in between coral-reef on the beach. This unique sights you can enjoy in Beach on Cibuaya site, the Tip of the Tile.

At the end of the tiles, there are also Beach Pengumbahan. This beach becomes turtle favorite place to spawn. Is the attraction of this beach. At night, if lucky, You can see turtles-turtles are large towards the beach to lay eggs. You can also see the process of bertelurnya turtles-turtles. In order not to disrupt the turtle and make them leave the beach, then at the time saw it should use the light is very minimal and should not be removing votes are taken.

A turtle can spawn up to a hundred grains. Turtles-turtles this would put the eggs in the sand. Usually the clerk will immediately secure the eggs for dikembangbiakan without any interruption.

Do not forget to visit the coast of Amanda Queen. Here, You can see the landscape as it exists in Tanah Lot, Bali. You can see the cliffs of coral in the sea as well as how the rigors of the waves that hit a cliff.

Once satisfied to play water on the beach, the Tip of the roof tile also have curug or a beautiful waterfall called Curug Cikaso. Waterfall cikaso featuring a beautiful view because there are three waterfalls that can be seen. The fresh atmosphere and the chill of the water can eliminate tiredness that you feel.

Public facilities available at the end of the roof tile was not too good. Means of transportation, lodging and dining place yet too evolved though now increasingly crowded residents who provide means-this means. Although it may have to travel a long and not easy, but the beautiful scenery and natural as well as the number of tourist sites such as Beach on Cibuaya site, Pengumbahan Coast, coast of Amanda Queen, and not to miss Curug Cikaso. Everything can be enjoyed as well as being able to attract tourists to visit the Tip of the Tile.

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