Emotional intelligence. What is and how to improve

Understand and learn to interpret your own emotions and the people around you is a skill that not everyone has.
People who look at you in the eyes and immediately know that you’re not well, those to which you call by phone and see in your voice that something you are concerned, or those that give you a hug at the very moment that most need it. These people are so because they have a complex or special skill: know manage emotions, both their own and others. This is what is known in psychology as emotional intelligence.

It may be the “secret” to success
Emotional intelligence is what allows people that do not stand out on subjects such as mathematics or philosophy end up succeeding in life. You know relate, take the best of each person, learn, grow and overcome each day that passes.

One of the characteristics of people with a high emotional intelligence is that they tend to be very skilled handling interpersonal relationships. This is why what they create an atmosphere of comfort and trust among people and generate feeling of well-being.

Another feature of this type of people is that they know to keep their emotions under control even in conflict situations and making these situations into opportunities for improvement.

Advantage of manage emotions
When a person can handle the emotions it tends to become a leader, tends to be more creative in problem solving and is sure of its decisions, generating more trust for these reasons.

Emotional intelligence gives resources to establish negotiations effectively, communicate better with people of the environment and motivate them to generate an attitude of continuous improvement.

It is also a characteristic of people with a high emotional intelligence knowledge to manage well the time available to them, so that when they work usually also better reconciling professional life and working life.

Learn how to manage emotions
Emotional intelligence is essential at all levels, both personally and professionally. It is currently emotional intelligence as a factor much more decisive success than IQ. The great advantage of the emotional intelligence to hard and pure intelligence, is that you can train and improve.

An example would be to implement the following strategies:

Get to know you more. Analyzes your flaws and try to improve as a person, but without forgetting that it is natural that mistakes and that there be punished for it but it should serve as experience to learn. Get to know oneself is the first step towards understanding others and be more flexible and tolerant before the alien behavior. This will be more trust in ourselves and win security.
Strive to be better. It must be fed every day that passes the spirit trying to achieve the objectives step by step. This is accomplished if it always takes a positive attitude. You have to be persistent in spite of the obstacles and setbacks.
Please rather than the other. Empathy, know put instead of the other i.e., is essential to improve personal relations. The empathic people tend to be more valued and respected.

Not close to the change. Life requires constantly adapt to new circumstances. So it is much more constructive to adopt the learning as a continuous improvement element and source of gratification. To gain emotional intelligence should learn the qualities of others, as well as fix the mistakes to avoid repeating them.

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