Ceramic wall to Beautify Home

The wall is now not only serves as a separator between the space. Different atmosphere can be shown by displaying interesting motifs on the wall. The motives of the wall not only can you get by putting up wallpaper on the wall, but now also has various ceramic motifs are not swamped with wallpaper. With a variety of motifs and techniques of good fixing ceramics , can give an interesting accent on the walls of the room House in You.

Ceramics used to coat the walls contrasts with ceramic floor. Because it is not used to prop up heavy objects such as ceramic floors, tile walls thinner compared to ceramic floor. The walls were not thick ceramic also facilitates easy ceramics to stick to the walls and it is not easy-off due to too heavy. This recall is not installed at the bottom of the tile, it will be mounted on the upper part of which will be strongly affected the force of gravity.

In General, a ceramic wall applied on the walls of the bathroom or kitchen. However, it is now a diverse motifs make ceramics appear beautiful and capable to decorate the walls like wallpaper. Not only a variety of different colours, ceramic wall motif is also increasingly diverse, even you can customize it with a wide selection of themes of ceramics. You can find ceramics with motives of wood, plants, poladot or other motives. This is what makes its presence no longer seem monotonous and increasingly many selected in addition to the numerous advantages which it owns.

Advantages Of Ceramic Wall

Lining the walls with ceramic has a variety of advantages, including:

More durable Ceramic made with materials of homogeneous and through burning up over 1200o Celsius. This process of making a ceramic material which … strong is not easily broken. Different wallpapers that can be easily torn or paint easily chipped. Easy to clean another advantage of wall ceramic tile is easy to clean. Just as if you clean the floor tile, wall tile is easy to clean using water and cleaning the floor so that smudges can be lost and the wall back clean. The walls need not be crushed by aci as it will be affixed tiles, walls that have been so doesn’t need to be crushed with a layer of aci or cement. This can save you the use of cement.

What to look for?

Whereas, some difficulties or weaknesses are found from the ceramic wall, among others:

More expensive Price for ceramic wall per square meter range Rp 40,000 to Rp 50,000,-,-. This means the cost 2-3 times more expensive than coating the walls with wallpaper or paint. Special expertise for installing ceramic wall, required special skills. The installation more difficult since fields are mounted perpendicular to the floor so that the necessary rigour and skill in work that can be installed straight and ceramics. This also resulted in costs that You spend a lot more because it takes longer.

Another technique in installing ceramic wall is to mosaic model. To form a mosaic tile installation, pay attention to the game dark color and light, it forms a similar pattern and ended up forming a series or particular image. To create a mosaic to be designed first how would like to be produced.

Coating the walls of the room with ceramic home can be one of how to beautify a room in addition to the long lasting benefits that you can get.

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